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Jessica Shannon Makes Rare Appearance On IG For Pumpkin

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Mama June’s daughter Jessica Shannon is popping into Instagram for a rare appearance. She is doing it for a very special person in her life- her younger sister, Pumpkin. The two have been through so much together so it seems only appropriate that she would come on just for her. Yet, why is Jessica back on Instagram, and what is the occasion? Read on for more details.

Jessica Shannon Makes Rare Appearance On IG For Pumpkin

Unlike Mama June, her daughter Jessica Shannon is not super active on Instagram. She used to only post every few months and reemerged to celebrate her girlfriend, Shyann McCant’s birthday. Then, Jessica started to sporadically share TikToks on her social media. This was then followed by a birthday shout-out to her niece and Pumpkin’s daughter, Ella. Essentially, Jessia pops in about once or twice a month but that is it.

Jessica Shannon/YouTube

Then, today, January 7th, Jessica Shannon made a rare appearance on Instagram specifically for her sister Pumpkin as it is her 23rd birthday. She shared a handful of pictures of the two of them together as well as Pumpkin with Ella and them just having fun. Alongside the snaps was a caption: “Happy 23 Birthday Pumpkin🎊 Your amazing sister as well as an amazing mom. You’ve bet every obstacle that’s came your ways and I know you will continue to do so regardless of what the situation is! I love you and I hope your have the best day!! Don’t party to hard today 💜💜.”

Jessica Shannon/IG
Jessica Shannon/IG

For some time after Pumpkin took in their little sister Alana, Jessica went to live with Pumpkin and her family. Mama June had pawned the title to Jessica’s car. Therefore, she was left with essentially nothing. She ended up helping out with the kids and crashing on the couch. Now it seems that she has found her own place in society but is still ever-grateful to her younger sister.

Who Else Is Celebrating?

Apparently, Jessica Shannon is not the only one celebrating Pumpkin’s birthday. Mama June revealed that she was going to be in town a week before the big day. Therefore, she planned on celebrating Pumpkin’s 23rd with her. Furthermore, she claimed she would be gathering once a week with her kids. For those following the family, they have not had the easiest road. It seemed the girls were still struggling to forgive their mother. She even missed Alana’s 17th birthday but tried to make it up with an apology letter and a lavish gift. Hopefully, this time the reconciliation sticks.

Are you happy to see Jessica Shannon back on social media and everyone celebrating Pumpkin? Let us know in the comments.

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