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Mama June & Pumpkin Call Truce, Optimistic For 2023

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Mama June and Pumpkin seemingly have called a truce and are looking forward to 2023. At least that is what June Shannon is claiming in a recent TikTok. As fans of the family know, June and her daughters have had quite a tumultuous relationship. Up until recently, the girls have still thrown jabs at their mother. Yet, it seems all has been put in the past and a new foot is being put forward. Did something prompt this? Read on for more details.

Mama June & Pumpkin Call Truce, Optimistic For 2023

It was not too long ago that Pumpkin and her little sister Alana ‘Honey Boo Boo’ Thompson made a TikTok. In it, they appeared to take a jab at their mother, Mama June, and her lack of parenting. It started with Alana dancing with a caption above her that read: “girl who needed a momma.” It then flashed to Pumpkin and above her, as she danced, it read: “The sister that came in clutch and raised her.” Fans of the duo have been extremely impressed with how well Pumpkin has done in spite of Mama June not being around.


To add to that, Mama June was not there for Alana’s seventeenth birthday. However, she did send over a lavish gift and an extensive apology for all of the things that she has done. Recently, it also came out through Pumpkin that Alana’s father, Sugar Bear had been very abusive to Pumpkin during the Here Comes Honey Boo Boo years. Neither the producers nor Mama did anything about it. Now, according to The Hollywood Gossip, it seems that a truce has been called.

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Mama June made a TikTok where she reflected on 2022 and shared her goals for 2023. Furthermore, noted that she would be celebrating Pumpkin’s birthday with her (she turns 23 on January 7). “We’re actually in Georgia celebrating Pumpkin’s birthday because I won’t be in town on her actual birthday next week. So I love that and we’re trying to do that once a week,” June told her fans. She has made it clear that she and the girls are doing well so that is something to be celebrated.

Will It Last?

It is unclear how long this truce between Mama June and Pumpkin will last. As many will recall, Pumpkin and her husband Josh welcomed June back into their lives prior to their son Bentley’s birth. Then, after she made a bunch of promises, she took off to Alabama and ended up finding a new man. All of the promises went up in smoke and it has been really up and down since then. When Pumpkin has needed her mom, she has not been there but hopefully, that has all changed.

Do you think this reconciliation between Mama June and Pumpkin will last? Or do you think June is trying to look good for her fans? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. I think they’ll get along long enough to squeeze out another season. That is after all their paycheck.

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