Why Is Michelle Young Single? She Shares Thoughts

Michelle Young, YouTube

Michelle Young has cracked the case of why she’s single and she shared her thoughts with TikTok. The former teacher thought she’d found love with Matt James when she went on his season of The Bachelor. When she wasn’t chosen to be his, she had the opportunity to be The Bachelorette. Once again, she thought she’d found love with Nayte Olukoya. Now, she’s enjoying being single and working on herself.

However, the reason Michelle thinks she is still single isn’t related to her time on reality television. It isn’t trauma from a past relationship. More so, her reasoning is wholesome and really sweet. Read on to see what she’s figured out.

Michelle Young Set The Bar Really High

Michelle Young said the reason she’s single is because of her parents. In a TikTok post right before Christmas, Michelle said if her relationship isn’t the same quality as her parent’s relationship, then she doesn’t want it. Her parents still do small things for each other after thirty-four years.

Michelle Young, YouTube
Michelle Young, YouTube

Michelle and her mother were hanging out and having a girl’s night when her father decided to surprise her mom. He went to put the Christmas decorations in the front yard while she wasn’t there. Her dad forgot about their Ring doorbell and set it off seventy or more times. Michelle and her mom watched him as he did this sweet thing for her mother. She shared a video of her dad bundled up walking back and forth putting the decorations up. In one clip he carries the Grinch upside down.

Fans Commented On Her Cute Video

A few fans shared that they thought they knew where Michelle Young could have found love like her folks. One fan commented, “I hate to say it but I think Brandon would have given you this quality of relationship.” Michelle said, “Brandene for life!” Yet, she said Brandon Jones and Serene Russell are perfect together. The couple met on BIP and are now engaged. Michelle added that her quality relationship is out there somewhere.

Michelle Young, TikTok
Michelle Young, TikTok

Another fan commented, “It takes time to get there in a relationship. I’m sure theirs wasn’t perfect every minute.” The former Bachelorette captioned the video letting followers know, her mom acted surprised even though she knew already. As we reported, Michelle is looking forward to 2023, single or not. She said she has learned some great lessons throughout the year. Additionally, she and Rachel Recchia took a trip to Mexico together and she shared they’d become quite close. They’ve been each other’s support through break ups and break downs.

What do you think about Michelle’s revelation? Do you think she’s setting the bar too high? Read more about her split from Nayte here and comment with your thoughts down below.

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