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Trista Sutter Reveals Why She Wouldn’t Be ‘The Bachelorette’ Now

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Trista Sutter was the first ever Bachelorette and she found her soul mate through the process. However, Trista shared in a recent interview that if offered the chance today she may not take it. She also shared some life updates about her husband Ryan and his continued treatment for Lyme disease. Keep reading to find out more.

Trista Sutter shares update on physical fitness

In an interview with Fox News, Trista Sutter opened up about her weight, Ryan’s fight against Lyme disease and why she would possibly turn down The Bachelorette if asked today. The pandemic affected everyone and America’s first Bachelorette is no different. Trista said she struggled mentally and physically during the lockdown period.

During this time Trista says she wasn’t officially diagnosed with depression. However, she noted that it wasn’t the happiest of times and she was also dealing with a broken ankle so physical activities were limited for her. Trista also admits during that time she ate whatever she wanted and therefore put on a few pounds. It wasn’t that she was overweight but rather just felt very unhealthy.

She decided after a 50th birthday trip that she wanted to get back in shape. She said, “I definitely believe in the benefits of fitness, you know, just living a healthy lifestyle. And I had lost track of that when we were home during the pandemic. I just kind of threw the towel in and said, ‘You know what, I’m going to eat all the things, and I’m going to do none of the work.’ And I thought that needed to change. I just for my own physical, mental, all the healths. … For myself, for my family, I want to be able to be around for a really long time.”

Ryan and Trista via Insta

Why she would possibly not do The Bachelorette today

Trista says she will always be a fan of The Bachelor franchise. After all, it led her to find Ryan. He is her best friend and biggest cheerleader. The couple has two beautiful children together and celebrated 19 years of marriage in early December. While things worked out great for Trista and Ryan, she’s not so sure that she would take the opportunity to do the show again. Why not?

Trista said, “They’ll always be family. That said, I definitely don’t know if I had been given the opportunity to do it now with social media and all of the pressures that are in the world these days. I don’t know if I would have had the gumption to really even apply just knowing what people go through. But thankfully, you know, we were on the show when it was relatively innocent and we were still trying to kind of find our way and figure out what it actually was. So, I’m really grateful for that. I’m really grateful for the show. I will always be a fan.”

Ryan and Trista Sutter via Insta
Ryan and Trista Sutter via Instagram

Ryan’s health

Trista Sutter also updated everyone on Ryan’s ongoing battle with Lyme disease. She said he is doing a treatment in which he allows honeybees to sting him. She said, “Honey bees and the bee venom is, we’re hoping, going to cure him of his Lyme disease. … And it’s actually helping.”

Ryan suffered for many months before finally being diagnosed with Lyme. 

What do you think about Trista’s reason for not wanting to do The Bachelorette in today’s world?



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