Serene Russell, Brandon Jones Talk Wedding Plans

Serene Russell and Brandon Jones via YOuTube

It’s finally official and public that Bachelor in Paradise fan favorite couple Serene Russell and Brandon Jones are engaged. They have been a shining light and inspiration to many on the beach this summer. Their adoration for one another is truly something special and now that they can publicly talk about their engagement, they are sharing plans to wed. Keep reading to find out more.

Serene Russell and Brandon Jones talk wedding plans

US Weekly caught up with Serene Russell and Brandon Jones to talk about their engagement and their plans for the future. While they are still just enjoying being engaged and now finally being able to be public they are also looking towards the future.

The happy couple revealed that they are planning to get married in 2024. Serene said, “We know we wanna get married in 2024. We’re thinking about, like, time of year and all of that. But we’re still in the stages of being super excited for where we’re at. We haven’t gotten to walk out in public as an engaged couple yet, so we’re really enjoying this time. But I would be lying if I wasn’t, like, on wedding TikTok just saving stuff. … I have a collection for wedding ideas already!”

Of course, fans saw Jesse Palmer offer to marry Serene and Brandon right after their engagement but they declined. They both noted that it’s not from lack of love or being unsure, they both just want their families present for their big day.

Brandon and Serene via YouTube 1

Serene also said her mother would not be happy if she got married without her there. Brandon added to her thoughts saying, “We’re very in-the-moment people. So, it’s like, we want to enjoy our engagement, make memories. Then [we’ll move on to] marriage, make memories, then kids, [and] make memories.”

Their next move

While they are enjoying their engagement, there are some more big plans for Serene and Brandon’s future. According to Bachelor Nation, Serene is moving to San Diego to be with Brandon. The couple said she has already been quietly moving some stuff there. Now that they are officially public she can continue the move and they can start their lives together.

Brandon and Serene via Insta

Serene noted that being hidden for several months was hard at times. She’s the rule follower and he is the let’s live life type. So, while they had wigs they didn’t go out much together. They are both excited to get dressed up and go on a date now that the big finale has aired.

Congrats to Serene and Brandon!

What do you think of this newly engaged couple?

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