Is ‘Bachelorette’ Michelle Young Over The Nayte Olukoya Split?

Michelle Young and Nayte Olukoya via youTube

The Bachelorette Michelle Young is opening up about her split from Nayte Olukoya. When the breakup happened she felt blindsided by it all. She admits moving on was hard. So, where does she stand now? Is she finally over Nayte? Keep reading to find out more.

Is Bachelorette Michelle Young over Nayte?

Life & Style caught up with Michelle Young to find out how she is doing following her split from Nayte. It seems Michelle is finally over him and their broken engagement.

She said, “I really did the work early on, and it’s a lot when so much is going on outside of you.” She continued, “You have to heal otherwise, you are going to constantly — like, your emotions depend on what is happening.”

Michelle discussed being broken up in the public eye. She said, “Honestly, just really truly trusting your value and knowing your worth. It’s hard when so many people — there’s so much noise going on.” She continued, “Whether it’s from that person that you broke up with, whether it’s from everybody else around you, but you really truly have to be so confident in yourself. Sticking to what you know, being who you are, never wavering from that.”

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Is she dating?

Michelle revealed that she is ready to dive back into dating. However, while she’s ready, at times she isn’t sure how to handle it. She said that The Bachelor world moves so quickly she’s not sure what she’s supposed to talk about on the first date. While being on the show, important conversations such as having kids are discussed quickly.

Michelle didn’t disclose much information but did say things are going well in her dating life. As far as dating within Bachelor Nation, Michelle said she will never close that door but she definitely prefers dating outside of the franchise. She said it’s like a breath of fresh air.

A woman (Michelle Young) cuddling up to a man (:Nayte Olukoya)
Michelle Young and Nayte Olukoya/ Credit: Nayte Olukoya Instagram

She didn’t find her forever love on The Bachelorette but Michelle did find a forever friend. Since meeting her, Michelle and Rachel Recchia have bonded and have become very close.

She said they bonded over both of their heartbreaks and learning how to navigate it all in the public eye.

Michelle said, “We really just came together with how to navigate, and we are very similar in so many different things. All of our time is spent laughing, crying, picking each other up — whatever it is. It’s been really awesome. It’s been a beautiful friendship.”

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