Michelle Young Seemingly Threw Shade At Nayte Olukoya

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Former Bachelorette Michelle Young chose Nayte Olukoya at the end of her season. The two seemed happy but unfortunately, like so many Bachelor Nation relationships, their love ended fairly quickly. She has pretty much said that she was blindsided by their split. Nobody really knew what went down between them. However, recently, Nayte spoke out and what he said was not exactly flattering. So now, it seems Michelle is subtly throwing some shade right back at Nayte. Keep reading to find out more.

Michelle Young seems to throw some shade at Nayte

US Weekly shared what Michelle had to say recently at the iHeart Music Festival in Las Vegas. She was asked about her split from Nayte and how she is coping with it all.

Michelle said it has been a lot to deal with. She said her family is fairly private so being in the public eye is sometimes hard. It’s even harder going through a public breakup.

She said, “It’s been really interesting. You know, you go through something and you think you know someone. … There’s just always so much that is constantly happening or [things] trying to resurface. All I can do, truly, is [remember] I know how things went down. I know the other person knows what went down, and I can stay true to myself and really that’s all that I can do.”

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It sounds like Michelle is saying that Nayte wasn’t exactly honest in the things he said about their relationship.

She continued on saying, “Everyone thinks that they know what happen. … Honestly, for me, my parents really taught me that [you can only] control what you can control. I can control myself and my attitude, my emotions. My mental well-being is not dependent on people other than myself.”

Nayte Olukoya and Michelle Young via YouTube

The things Nayte has said

In recent interviews, Nayte said the Michelle he broke up with was not the Michelle he fell in love with. He basically accused her of changing. He said he misses the girl he did fall for but isn’t sure he misses the one he broke up with.

Nayte also said he ended their engagement over the phone. He said things had been rocky for them from the start. He even hinted that she was inappropriately DMing a famous country star. Nayte did not name the performer.

Michelle is trying to move on and find closure from her relationship with Nayte. In fact, fans were really shipping her and Mike Johnson together after she shared a TikTok of them dancing.

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