Nayte Clears Up Rumors About His Breakup With Michelle Young

A man (Nayte Olukoya) in a while shirt and a woman (Michelle Young) in a white dress

Nayte Olukoya took to his Instagram to clear up rumors about his breakup with Michelle Young. Keep reading to find out what he had to say about the split.

Nayte clears up rumors about breakup with Michelle Young

Bachelor Nation fans are still processing the news that Season 18 couple Michelle Young and Nayte Olukoya have broken up. The confirmation came after weeks of speculation after Young was spotted without her engagement ring.

A woman with brown hair (Michelle Young) and a man with short black hair ( Nayte Olukoya)
Michelle Young and Nayte Olukoya/Credit: Bachelor Nation YouTube

Some fans have been pointing fingers at Nayte for causing the breakup. He took to his social media to address the rumors surrounding the split.

In a series of slides on his Instagram Stories, he responded to several allegations about the breakup.

Did he cheat?

“Going to quickly address a few things on the next couple of slides,” he wrote.

“The picture that’s getting painted of me is so far from the truth,” he wrote on the first slide. Then he dove into what people have been saying online about him.

One of the first things Nayte addressed was the rumor that he cheated on Michelle Young. According to the sales executive, he did not cheat on his former fiance.

A woman (Michelle Young) cuddling up to a man (:Nayte Olukoya)
Michelle Young and Nayte Olukoya/ Credit: Nayte Olukoya Instagram

The speculation likely comes from his social media posts. Prior to the split, he went on a lot of trips with his friends. One person commented that Nayte posts “screams single man.”

The former Bachelorette contestant addressed that, as well. “Yes, I like to hang out with my guys. […] Not everyone who goes to bars are cheaters.”

Addresses ‘red flag’ label

Another issue that Nayte felt the need to address was the “red flag” label that was being put on him.

“Sure, I guess I was inexperienced in love. Doesn’t mean I’m a ‘red flag,'” Nayte wrote about the label.

In another of his bullet points, he wrote, “Yes, many of you seem to paint me as a red flag/ f*ck boy. Maybe it’s the piercings and tattoos?”

Nayte also said that he went into Season 18 “with no expectations” and “an open heart.” He gives his ex a mention. “Shoutout Michelle for opening [his heart] a little more.”

One of the so-called ‘red flags’ for fans was that he never moved to Minnesota like the two had mentioned on the After the Final Rose special.

In fact, ABC even gifted the couple a down payment on a house.

“Yes, the plan was to move to MN earlier this year,” he wrote. “Plans changed as we decided there was no need to rush anything.”

“We tried. It didn’t work. We’re sad about it. We all grieve differently,” Nayte wrote about his relationship with Michelle.

Nayte Olukoya denies cheating
Credit: Nayte Olukoya Instagram

This isn’t the first time Nayte addressed Bachelor Nation fans. Hours after the breakup, he took to his Twitter to respond to the breakup backlash. Click here to read what he had to say then.

Will Michelle or Nayte head to BIP?

Following the breakup, fans are wondering if either Michelle or Nayte might head to Bachelor In Paradise to give love another chance.

Season 8 of the beachy spinoff is set to air on ABC this fall. Filming is likely already complete or near completion.

For that reason, it is highly unlikely that Michelle or Nayte will appear on Season 8. The same applies for Katie Thurston and John Hersey, who split days after Michelle & Nayte.

Were you aware of the rumors that Nayte cheated on Michelle? Do you think there’s any truth to it or do you believe him when he says cheating wasn’t the reason for the split? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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