UPtv’s ‘The Princess And The Bodyguard’ Is Royal Romance


UPtv is kicking off 2023 with the royal romance, The Princess And The Bodyguard.

Starring in UPtv’s The Princess And The Bodyguard is Emily Alatalo (Workin’ Moms, Sinister Switch), Ryan Bruce (The Republic Of Sarah, Mistletoe Match), AnnaMaria Demara (Christmas By The Book, An Ice Wine Christmas), David Pinard (Unperfect Christmas Wish, Merry Swissmas), Sarah Orenstein (Station 11, Murdoch Mysteries), Kevin Bundy (My Favorite Christmas Melody, Good Sam), Richard Waugh (‘Twas The Night Before Christmas, Scentsational Christmas), Marcus Craig (Women Talking, Spin), Chad Andrews (Swerve, Ghosts), Joey Kirchner (Spinning Out, V-Wars), Gabriel Venneri (The Floor Is Lava, A Mother’s Lie), David Ikeda (The Man In The High Castle, El Presidente), and Alana Pancyr (Mistletoe Time Machine, Luckiest Girl Alive).

Rebeca Hughes (Christmas Plus One, The Shoplifting Pact) wrote the story, and Danny Morgan (Meet Me In New York, Burnt) the screenplay. In addition, John Bradshaw (How To Find Forever, Santa’s Squad)  directed this rom-com.


What Is UPtv’s The Princess And The Bodyguard About?

According to the UPtv synopsis, “On her 35th birthday, Lexi discovers who she secretly always was… a royal Princess. She now has two weeks to find a suitable date for the royal gala under the watchful eye of her handsome but infuriating bodyguard, Noah.”

When Can You Watch The Princess And The Bodyguard?

The premiere of The Princess And The Bodyguard is on Sunday, January 15, at 7 p.m., on UPtv.

Encore showings include Sunday, January 22, at 3 p.m., and Sunday, February 5, at 9 p.m., all times Eastern.

Used with UPtv's permission
Used with UPtv’s permission

The Engagement Plot Is Back On UPtv

On Sunday, January 15, at 5 p.m., Eastern, on UPtv is The Engagement Plot. This movie stars Rachel Boston (Dating The Delaneys, A Christmas Cookie Catastrophe), Trevor Donovan (Jingle Bell Princess, Reagan), Jacklyn (Jacks) Collier (Love, Fall & Order, Blood Conscious), Audrey Walters (Euphoria, Better Call Saul), Amie MacKenzie (Messiah, End Of The Road), Tedd Taskey (MacGruber, The Cleaning Lady), Bill LeVasseur (Help Wanted, Serotonin Rising), Jordan Neifert (Into The Wild Frontier), Walter Anaruk (At The End Of The Santa Fe Trail, The Happy Camper), Steven Dudley (Ohryis Project, Test Drive), Jordan Doll (Kwaczala, Angie Tribeca), Barbara Gehring (The Social Dilemma, Dragon And The Hawk), Andi Davis (Publish Or Perish, Fallen Stars), Mark Wilson (Midnight, NCIS: Hawai’i), and Javen Campbell (The Cross, Preacher’s Kid).

According to the UPtv synopsis, “After getting her heart broken on The Price of Love, a wildly popular dating reality show that matches 20-something female contestants with a young, financially successful bachelor, teacher Hanna Knight has returned to her small-town Colorado life and moved on to better things.”

Used with UPtv's permission
Used with UPtv’s permission

Don’t Miss Love UPtv’s Under The Lemon Tree

Finally, on Sunday, January 15, at 9 p.m., Eastern, on UPtv is Love Under The Lemon Tree. This stars Maddison Bullock (From Paradise With Love, Circle), Anthony Coons (American Horror Story, Hollywood), Casey O’Keefe (Dying To Be A Cheerleader, Catfish Killer), and Michael Scovotti (Dared My Best Friend To Ruin My Life, Days Of Our Lives).

According to IMDb, “When travel photographer Beck decides to enter a photography competition, she heads to sunny Serenity island. Staying at the town’s charming Lemon Tree Farm, Beck meets gruff but handsome owner Joshua, and the pair strike a deal.”

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