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Angela Deem Goes Nuts At Tell-All, Who’s The Target?

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Angela Deem is going off at the 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? tell-all and no one is safe. Her wrath is back, as per usual and it is fierce. Angela is a force to be reckoned with but what does Michael have to say about her behavior? Does anyone try to stop her? Plus, what has her so fired up? Read on for more details.

Angela Deem Goes Nuts At Tell-All, Who’s The Target?

It is almost time for the HEA tell-all and Angela Deem is back on the stage. As many fans may recall, she has lost her cool before. Right after she underwent her drastic weight loss transformation, Angela let it all hang out. She was flashing cameras and showing off her new breasts. It was a shock and an embarrassment but this seems to be who Angela Deem is. She is loud and raunchy, you never know what to expect from her and that is probably why she is still on TLC.

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Now, in a sneak peek at the upcoming tell-all from @90dayfiance, Angela Deem has once again lost her mind. The cast has all reunited, albeit a few have been video-conferenced in. This means that both Angela’s husband, Michael, and Usman ‘Sojaboy’ Umar are coming to the cast from Nigeria. Angela walks out and says hi to Big Ed Brown, calling him a crazy motherfu**er and fist-bumps him. She then walks past Kimberly Menzies, gives her the finger, and says “f*ck you b*tch.” That leads Kim’s man, Usman to call Angela Deem a “stupid a**hole.”

Angela sees Michael on his TV screen and refers over to Kimberly, saying that this will not be good. Kimberly claims she had nothing to do with anything and the ladies agree that they have no problems with each other. Yet, Usman proceeds to call Angela a name again and that lights her on fire. She is coming in hot and starts to argue with the screen that he is chatting on. Angela Deem alls Usman out for using Kimberly and then she starts to scream at him to get his teeth fixed.

Not Over Yet

Host Shaun Robinson comments that the show has not even started yet while Big Ed Brown and his fiancee Liz Woods are cracking up. Usman shouts out to Michael and cannot believe his fellow Nigerian brother would date someone like that. He claims that she holds him as a hostage. Yara Zaya then tells Angela to sit down and show them some respect but then she gets into her face, as well. This leads to Angela storming off of the stage. Will she return and why is she just so angry all of the time?

Do you think Angela Deem’s reaction was warranted? More so, is Usman using Kimberly? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. Angela isa disgrace to the human race such filthy vulgar words come out of a woman’s mouth she has no respect for herself or I can’t believe that TLC would allow her to be on TV

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