‘Unexpected’ Fans Want McKayla Adkins’ Ex On Season 7

McKayla Adkins-Instagram

Unexpected fans want to see McKayla Adkins’ ex on Season 7 of the hit teen pregnancy show. She has been off, doing her own thing, posting on social media about her various careers. More so, she is done with children but what does her ex have to offer? Keep reading for more details.

Unexpected Fans Want McKayla Adkins’ Ex On Season 7

McKayla Adkins was a teenager when she and her boyfriend, Caelan Morrison found out that they were pregnant. They appeared in the premiere season of TLC’s Unexpected and then welcomed their first child together. Things were rocky between the two but they tried their best to make their romance work, even planning a wedding. It was not the best relationship but McKayla found out she was pregnant again. Despite bringing another baby into the world, they could not find a common ground and ended up parting ways. Furthermore, they left the show after Season 3.

McKayla Adkins/IG
McKayla Adkins-Instagram

She moved on with Ethan Tenney and the two tied the knot, even welcoming a son. Sadly, they have since split or so it appears to be that way. As for Caelan, he stayed mostly out of the spotlight until recently. It came out that he and his girlfriend were expecting a baby girl. Now, a Reddit thread has been started and fans seem to want him back on their screens for Season 7:

  • Haven’t seen other posts about it yet but Caelan’s current GF is expecting. Let’s add them to season 7👀
Caelan Morrison, Allycia Flowers- Reddit/Instagram
Caelan Morrison, Allycia Flowers- Reddit/Instagram

Caelan and his girlfriend, Allycia made the announcement at the end of March 2024 that they were expecting. However, it seems that some Unexpected fans are just learning about this big news. So, what did followers have to say about them joining next season?

  • I don’t know why people are so pressed about this. He’s an adult.
  • Aww ! So happy for Caelan ! He deserves a nice situation after everything he went through with McKayla.
  • I’m so shocked by all the people who seem to forget that we watched McKayla & Caelan’s story premier like 7 years ago.

Too Old For The Show

First off, Unexpected fans were thrilled for Caelan Morrison and noted how they hoped she treated him better than McKayla Adkins did. That was one big issue as they wanted him to be loved properly. Secondly, it was reiterated that he is in his mid-twenties now. Therefore, he has aged out of being on the show. So, even though he is expecting a new baby, that does not automatically mean he is eligible to be on the show.

Are you excited to see Caelan again and how much he has grown? Let us know your thoughts and watch the new season of Unexpected premiering June 3rd on TLC.

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