McKayla Adkins & Hubby Experience ‘Sharknado’ Split

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Unexpected alum McKayla Adkins and her husband, Ethan Tenney are experiencing a next-level split. It was unclear if they had actually parted ways earlier this year. McKayla was showing signs that it was over yet there was no confirmation. Now, it looks like it is over and done with but not in a good way whatsoever. What is going on between her and Ethan? Read on for more details.

McKayla Adkins & Hubby Experience ‘Sharknado’ Split

When McKayla Adkins finally found Ethan Tenney, it was so exciting. He seemed like a good guy who blended well with her two children from a previous relationship. They eventually announced that they were expecting and had tied the knot. Sadly, she miscarried but not too long after, found out she was pregnant again. They revealed that they were having a boy and were quite excited about this. When their son was born, they never revealed his name but McKayla did say that this would be the only son Ethan would have as she did not want any more kids.

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The mother of three went on to have her tubes burned to ensure that she would never get pregnant again. Then, earlier this year, there was some controversy over how she presented herself. On different forums, McKayla used her maiden name of Adkins then would go by “Tenney” elsewhere. This caused her followers to be confused if there was trouble in paradise. Not a month later, McKayla Adkins listed her wedding dress for sale. This definitely was a telltale sign that things were not good. Now, it seems like it has just gotten so much worse than ever before.

According to @tlc.unexpectedteaa, McKayla Adkins is selling her engagement ring. She only wants serious inquiries, though so she must mean business this time. Of course, fans flocked to Reddit to chat about this breakup. The OP wrote this: “I saw a post that she was selling her ring and guys Ethan and Mykayla haven’t been together for a minute now. She also made a comment that her “relationship with him ended like a Sharknado” but the comment was deleted.”

Fans React

Viewers watched McKayla Adkins become a teen mother and all that she went through with that. However, they do think that she is troubled and deceptive. “She’s so pretty and has this super innocent look about her. It’s extremely deceptive. It gives something like Jodi Arias,” one Redditor wrote. Another added: “23 years old…3 kids…2 baby daddies and one divorce. She has her tubes tied so she has to find someone who doesn’t want kids but will accept 3 that aren’t his own. So messy.” One thinks she will try to get her high school love back. 

Do you think it is officially over between McKayla and Ethan? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.


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