‘Unexpected’ Season 6 Finally Here, See Cast, Premiere Date

Jenna Ronan-YouTube

After a very long wait and fans thinking it may not happen, Season 6 of Unexpected is finally here. The hit TLC series will be returning very soon and with three newcomers. So, when will it be back, and what can viewers expect from the new season? Keep reading for more details.

Unexpected Season 6 Finally Here, See Cast, Premiere Date

It has been nearly two years since Season 5 of Unexpected ended. During that time, some fan favorites shared that they would not be returning. Tiarra Boisseau stated she and her family were done with the series and that meant her sister, Tyra Boisseau as well as their cousin, Taylor were done, as well. It was soon revealed that Jenna Ronan and Lilly Bennett would be the only two regulars coming back. Jenna has a new man and eventually becomes pregnant while Lilly is planning a wedding but fans are not thrilled with those choices.

Lilly Bennett, Lawrence Bishop-YouTube
Lilly Bennett, Lawrence Bishop-YouTube

Filming ended but the show kept getting pushed back and it looked like it may never see the light. Now, according to Us Weekly, it is set to return on Monday, June 3rd. This means that it will likely replace Seeking Sister Wife. As aforementioned, Jenna and Lilly are back with the former dating JJ Della after her split from Aden Albright. She shares that she does not want a baby at the moment but they are not being safe so she worries she could be pregnant. Lilly and Lawrence are trying to pull together their dream wedding but cost is an issue.

Kayleigh, Graham-Unexpected Season 6-YouTube
Kayleigh, Graham-Unexpected Season 6-YouTube

Emalee, 18 feels she has to “mother” her boyfriend, Nate, 16 as he wants to be a motocross rider but he also has to focus on being a father. Kayleigh and Graham, 15, are in somewhat of a long-distance relationship with 30 minutes between them. Unfortunately, they cannot drive, and her mother, Mandy shares this: “I don’t foresee it being a very good relationship for either of them.” Finally, there are Aniyah and Dakwon, 17, who are dealing with preeclampsia. This is life-threatening but they are ready for forever with a promise ring.


Since so much time has gone by since Season 6 of Unexpected was filmed, a lot has changed. Lilly Bennett and Lawrence Bishop did tie the knot which is believed to be the season finale. Jenna Ronan was pregnant and has welcomed a second baby boy. She and JJ got engaged but have since called that off with her exposing the truth about him and his issues. Furthermore, it seems he was a clout chaser, wanting to use the show for fame. The tell-all should be very exciting.

So, are you excited that the new season is just around the corner? More so, what do you think of the cast? Let us know and watch the Season 6 premiere of Unexpected on Monday, June 3rd only on TLC.

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