‘Unexpected’ Season 6: Who Are Newcomers Nate & Emalee?

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Unexpected Season 6 is finally announcing its new cast starting with Matt and Emalee. It has already been confirmed that alums Lilly Bennett and Jenna Ronan will be back. Yet, what about the other young girls who are in the shoes Lilly and Jenna once walked? Time to learn more about Nate, Emalee, and their bouncing baby boy.

Unexpected Season 6: Who Are Newcomers Nate & Emalee?

Nate and Emalee will be joining the upcoming season of Unexpected. So, what exactly is their backstory? According to Starcasm, they are from Oregon with Emalee getting pregnant at age seventeen. Yet, it appears her boyfriend, Nate is a year younger than her. The duo welcomed their first child, Westley in January of this year. More importantly, both parents were there together in the hospital room for the delivery. This is a huge deal as much of the drama from Season 5 involved home births versus hospital. It got so bad that one former cast member was removed from the hospital room for being a stressor to the mother. Looks like this is much more peaceful.

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Emalee is a middle child with two brothers so she is used to male energy. Therefore, having a son is not going to be a big adjustment for someone who grew up with all of that testosterone. As for Nate, he is into motocross and does really well with it. Both of their Instagram profiles are set to private. However, they are still following each other so it will take time to see if this means that they are a couple or just great friends. There is still one more couple to meet but that will come sooner rather than later.

Returning Cast

Unexpected did reveal, fairly early on, that Lilly Bennett and Jenna Ronan will be returning. Jenna has an interesting story to follow now as she has a new man in her life, JJ. She got rid of her son, Luca’s father, Aden Albright at the end of last season. All of the mothers and grandmothers admired her newfound confidence and wished that Kylen Smith could feel that way. Kylen was dating Jason Korpi and it was a highly dysfunctional relationship, to say the least. Anyway, Jenna proceeded to get a breast augmentation and has been feeling herself.

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Now, she and JJ are expecting their first child together. Will that be a part of the new season? Who knows? Lilly is preparing to marry Lawrence but they also moved into her parent’s home after they decided to go to a 55+ community. It seems that the season will conclude with their wedding which has been long-awaited. So, in total there will be four couples and hopefully, they will be exciting but not as crazy dramatic and heartbreaking as last year.

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