‘Unexpected’ McKayla Adkins Fights For Hysterectomy

McKayla Adkins-Instagram

Former Unexpected star McKayla Adkins is fighting to get a hysterectomy. Fans may remember that the mother of three bragged about getting sterilized back in 2022. Now, she is looking for another option but what is the hold up? Keep reading for more details.

Unexpected McKayla Adkins Fights For Hysterectomy

McKayla Adkins was first featured on Unexpected as a teen mother with her boyfriend, Caelan Morrison. They tried to make it work after their son, Timothy was born but they were still struggling. She then revealed that they were expecting a daughter, Gracelynn, who was born in early 2019. Despite trying to plan a wedding and have a functional relationship, things just did not work between the two. McKayla moved on with Ethan Tenney and the two fell in love, got pregnant, and got married. Unfortunately, she suffered a miscarriage but they did end up conceiving a baby boy.

McKayla Adkins/IG
McKayla Adkins-Instagram

McKayla made it clear this was going to be her last child and Ethan’s only one. So, after she had her third child, she opted to get her tubes removed to ensure she would have no more children. Fans did question the procedure but she did not care. Though she was in her early twenties, this was what she wanted, and was going for it. Since then, she and Ethan have had a tumultuous breakup, and is doing her own thing. At the same, McKayla shared that she is fighting for her body. According to @tlc.unexpectedteaa, she is fighting to get a hysterectomy.

While doing an Instagram Q&A session, a fan asked the Unexpected alum about the pain she had been having. McKayla Adkins claimed she was feeling better on her left side but now she was fighting for the hysterectomy. Followers were confused as to what pain she had been having and they attributed it to the tubal. She seems to be keeping herself busy regardless of the pain that she is in as she answered for other followers.

The Life She Lives

Though she is no longer on Unexpected, McKayla Adkins shared that she is in cosmetology school. She had previously gone into bartending which she loved but she had noted she wanted a handful of trades. Additionally, she is still involved in OnlyFans which she says is not easy by any means. After reading her update, followers had a lot to say:

  • This girl is delusional. She needs mental help
  • I’ve always wanted to like her but in my opinion she never does anything admirable. She’s going to school, that’s good..

Hopefully, McKayla gets whatever she needs to feel better and take care of her babies while living her best life. Are you shocked she is taking this next step or does nothing surprise you about her anymore? Let us know in the comments below.

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