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McKayla Adkins Suffers Devastating Loss, Gets Special Tattoo

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Unexpected alum McKayla Adkins has suffered a devastating loss. In order to cope with what she is going through, the mother of three has done something in honor of it. She decided to get a special tattoo since she is a big fan of body art. So, what has rocked her world so badly? Read on for more details.

McKayla Adkins Suffers Devastating Loss, Gets Special Tattoo

The past few months have been very transitional for McKayla. She even shared that she cheated death when she was in a serious car accident. The former reality star shared snaps of her totaled car so her followers could see how lucky she was to be alive. However, it appeared that she had finally gotten everything on track. She had found a new career as a bartender and was working at a great bar. Then, tragedy struck and she was heartbroken.

McKayla Adkins/IG
@mckayladkins Instagram

Recently, McKayla took to her Instagram to share a giant flower tattoo on the back of her neck. As it turns out, it is a memorial tattoo for her grandma Shirley who she adored. Fans of the series may remember that McKayla was actually raised by her grandparents Tim and Cindy with Shirley being a constant presence. Along with the photo of the tattoo, McKayla also shared pics of grandma Shirley and they made her followers extremely emotional.

McKayla Adkins/IG
@mckayladkins Instagram
“A very special tattoo for a very special woman. I know you’re finally resting in peace. I love you more, Grandma Shirley,” McKayla wrote next to the tribute. Her followers quickly chimed in. “This one hit HARD because I’ve been following you for SO many years. RIP to such a beautiful and loving soul,” one noted. Another added: “Sorry for your loss, I know she was like a mother to you.”

Living Her Best Life

In the midst of all of this, McKayla Adkins was really trying to get her life on a great path. She had taken a short social media break and then returned with a bunch of news. As aforementioned, she got her bartending license and has started working at a great bar. Furthermore, she had come up with a list of five other careers that she was interested in going into. She has a lot of goals she is looking toward and that is showing growth from when fans first met her.

However, she still maintains a very open relationship with her followers, admitting she had gotten a nose job. Plus, McKayla is very open about her struggle with postpartum depression. Now, she is sharing her sadness over losing her grandma but honoring her in a very sweet way.

What do you think of the tattoo? Let us know in the comments and send condolences for McKayla and her family.

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