‘Unexpected’: McKayla Adkins Under Anesthesia, What’s Wrong?


Unexpected alum McKayla Adkins became a mother for the third time back in April. Now, she is sharing photos of herself post-anesthesia. Is everything okay with the twenty-two-year-old? Read on to find out.

An Unexpected Journey For McKayla

McKayla was first featured on the premiere season of TLC’s hit reality series about teen pregnancy. She was with her boyfriend, Caelen at the time but they were in a tough spot. They really wanted to make it work but being so young, it was not always easy. McKayla welcomed their first child, Timothy, and throughout it all, they did talk about a future. They moved in together, even discussing marriage. Soon enough, they were thrown for another loop when McKayla discovered she was pregnant for the second time. She gave birth to their daughter Gracelynn, maintaining a career as a YouTuber. Then, by the end of Season 3, she was done with reality TV and with Caelan. She often talked about how the girls on the show were exploited by production.


McKayla went on TikTok as her new forum while keeping her children away from the public sphere. She also met her new boyfriend, Ethan and they were very happy together. After about a year, they revealed that they were expecting their first child together and that they were engaged. Soon after, the two tied the knot but sadly, she suffered a miscarriage. Within a short time after the devastating loss, they learned that they were expecting again and were over the moon. By April, McKayla and Ethan shared that they had welcomed a baby boy to the world.

Put Under, For What?

McKayla shared very little about her new baby on social media. However, the former Unexpected star did say that she was letting her husband choose their son’s name. Her reasoning was that it would be his first and only child. She did not elaborate much more on that but now it has been revealed they are done having kids. According to Starcasm, McKayla had her Fallopian tubes removed the other day. Now, if you follow her on Instagram, there were two posts on her story. She said that she was going to get “sterilized” then within a matter of hours, she was seen in a car, saying she was under anesthesia.


As it turns out, she took to her TikTok to explain what she had done. The mom of three chose to have her tubes removed instead of tied to completely eliminate any chance of getting pregnant. She also added that she feared getting pregnant, having an ectopic pregnancy, and being denied the procedure needed. Furthermore, she felt that she was at a point where she just wanted to enjoy the three children that she had. Plus, her hospital recovery time was just a few hours.

Do you think this was a little too drastic or do you support McKayla? Let us know in the comments.

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