Is ‘90 Day Fiance’ Cast Using Show For Free Plastic Surgery?

90 Day Fiance-YouTube

Is the 90 Day Fiance cast using the show for free plastic surgery and not for finding actual love? Being on a reality show does come with special perks, that being one of them. After seeing how many of the stars have undergone drastic transformations, is that a main reason for people to join the cast? Keep reading for more details.

Is 90 Day Fiance Cast Using Show For Free Plastic Surgery?

The 90 Day Fiance cast has evolved a lot over the seasons. Many have changed their looks, from teeth to breast augmentations to hand smoothing. Some were obsessed prior to joining the series but being a part of a recognizable show helped with getting special treatment. Take someone like Darcey Silva who was no stranger to body modification. By the time she had a spinoff with her sister, they were off, getting whole new bodies.

Darcey Silva, Stacey Silva-YouTube
Darcey Silva, Stacey Silva-YouTube

Natalie Mordovtseva married Mike Youngquist and proceeded to get her nose done. Yara Zaya, married to Jovi Dufren, also had a nose job and loves fillers. Larissa Lima has gone to great lengths to achieve the body she wanted after marrying and divorcing Colt Johnson. She has gotten her boobs, nose, rear, lips, and more done.

Larissa Lima Credit: Larissa Lima IG
Larissa Lima-Instagram

Finally, Angela Deem has had a full overhaul down to her hands. Now, a Reddit thread has been started to address how people may just be joining this show for that reason:

  • “I’m here to find love!” After seeing Fernanda at the Single Life reunion.. I’m wondering how many of the women are here to find a better face??
Jasmine Pineda-Instagram
Jasmine Pineda-Instagram

They followed that with a before and after picture of Jasmine Pineda who loves plastic surgery. So, did other followers agree that the show is used for free services?

  • This show just seems to make women paranoid about their looks and willing to alter themselves.
  • Seriously all this show is doing is paying for people to get a plastic surgery and an instagram following…
  •  I’ve BEEN saying this for a while now.
  • Who cares, they deserve SOMETHING for dealing with these loser a** men

You Scratch My Back…

The one thing that has occurred is the 90 Day Fiance stars promote plastic surgeons. They will either show themselves getting consults or the work done. As they are doing so, they will share who the doctor is who is performing the procedures. Loren Brovarnik underwent a mommy makeover and she has shared the doctor frequently in her Instagram stories. Same with Darcey Silva who tags everyone who does any work on her or her sister. So, it is mutually beneficial.

Do you believe that these women go on the show just for plastic surgery or do they know it is an added benefit> Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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