’90 Day Fiance’ Loren Brovarnik Unveils Plastic Surgery Details

Loren Brovarnik - 90 day Fiance Instagram

90 Day Fiance star Loren Brovarnik will undergo a makeover and on social media, she explained the two main areas that she wants to change. Don’t expect a Darcey Silva-style makeover, though. Nonetheless, that doesn’t mean that she might not suffer some pain after the procedures are completed.

Loren Brovarnik PLanned  A Makeover Last Year

Ahead of her pregnancy with Ariel, the then-mom of two boys, Shai and Asher decided that she wanted a makeover. At the time, she claimed that she wanted another child first. Now that Ariel turned one year old, her mom is free to go ahead and get her transformation done. TLC fans who follow her on social media see that she works out a lot, she polishes up well, and her eye-candy husband, Alexei seems delighted with her appearance. So why get a makeover?

Loren Brovarnik recently revealed that she has a serious medical condition that motivated her to lose weight. If you don’t know, she fell ill with gestational diabetes during Ariel’s pregnancy. Now, she revealed that she also suffers from another health condition and that helped to motivate her to go for a makeover as it will improve her health. Next, just for herself, she wants another procedure that Alexei might like as well. However, she;’s not getting into the plastic craze.

Loren Brovarnik Opts For Natural Surgery

Plenty of 90 Day Fiance stars get some sort of surgery done. Angela Deem got a major makeover. Others, like Anna Campisi, opted for a gastric sleeve. Notably, Tiffany Franco transformed into a real beauty, fans agree. The first thing that Loren decided to get changed is her tummy. Actually, her tummy looks slim and might make other people a bit envious. So why would she get surgery? Is it just an unnecessary whim?

TLC 90 Day Fiance Loren Brovarnik Unveils Makeover Plans Instagram
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Loren Brovarnik explained on Instagram, that she wants her tummy sorted out. It’s because “I have abdominal diastasis which is uncomfortable for me, so I’ve opted to do a tummy tuck to bring my muscles back together.” Did you know that she struggles with pain from “abdominal diastasis?” If you don’t know, sometimes, pregnancy causes stomach muscle separation. The other thing that she wants is a set of new and improved breasts.

Painful Procedure For Breasts?

Loren Brovarnik explained, “I am doing a 360 lipo and fat transfer to my boobs. Doing it a more natural approach is the best way to go. Just like everything else.”

While she’s “excited to share this journey with you,” a fan made a comment about how the “lipo” for the breast procedure made them “chicken out.” Mind you whether it’s painful or scary, wasn’t clear.

Another TLC fan said, “Glad research was done because fat transfer surgeries are more likely to cause infection. Prayers girls 😇😇.”

One thing fans know is that when the TLC star says she’s going to do something, she usually does. So hopefully, lots of information will come as she undergoes her transformation journey.

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