’90 Day Fiance’: Fans Beg TLC To Stop Trying To Make Big Ed Happen


90 Day Fiance viewers have had a lot to say about Big Ed Brown since he first popped onto the scene. He has always been somewhat controversial which is probably why he’s stuck around so long. Now fans are done with him and his antics. So much so that they are calling upon TLC to do the right thing.

Meeting Big Ed Brown On His 90 Day Fiance Journey

Big Ed admittedly had not dated in a very long time. So when he was featured on Season 4 of Before the 90 Days, he was quite optimistic. The single father and photographer had met Philippino Rosemarie Vega online. He was going to be flying overseas to finally meet her and ultimately propose. However, their journey was not going to be what either expected, largely due to Ed’s behavior. First off, he did not have his daughter, Tiffany’s blessing. She hated the fact that Rose was around thirty years younger than her dad and more so, younger than her.


Secondly, Ed lied about his height to Rose and then asked her to take an STD shortly after landing in the Philippines. When she asked him to take one, he refused. He also told her to shave her legs and commented on her bad breath which she claimed was from an ulcer. Fans were shocked he would make comments like this. He was not this perfect specimen of man so there was very little room to speak. She got extremely angry with him several times but the last straw was a lie he told her. He said he wanted more kids but that was not true so she ended it.

Living The Single Life

The network brought Big Ed back for a new spinoff called 90 Day: The Single Life. It took former cast members on their new single journey. Almost immediately, he decided he wanted to ask out restaurant manager Liz Woods. It was not immediate for her but they started dating. Eventually, they were intimate but he started pushing her. He wanted so much more than she could give and eventually, they broke up. Right after it happened, he was off to Vegas, flirting up a storm. Tiffany also had a problem with Liz, feeling she was too young, being in her twenties, as well.


He returned for Season 2 and was dating more age-appropriate women. Yet, fans already knew that he and Liz had gotten back together and were engaged. They revealed to have a very combative relationship but somehow, were making their way down the aisle. It appears the duo is still together but the future is anybody’s guess.

Cancel The 90 Day Fiance Star

Upon seeing Big Ed’s love journey on the network’s social media, fans started to beg TLC to stop. They are over the network putting Big Ed on the air. “Tlc please stop,” one follower asked. Another added: “Please stop trying to bring back big ed He literally dated a woman younger than his daughter if yall don’t think there’s something weird with that there really is all big ed wants is attention and younger women its sick.”


The comments begging TLC to stop kept coming:

  • “AND…… we’ve all had enough!”
  • “I am so sick and tired about hearing and seeing Ed. He is so desperate and pathetic!”
  • “TLC quit pushing little Ed down our throats!”

As of now, TLC is still seemingly working with Big Ed and it does not appear they will stop. Do you think they should cut ties with him or does he make for good television? Let us know and watch 90 Day: The Single Life Mondays on TLC.

*90 Day Fiance also airs Sundays on TLC.*

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