Fans Desperate For Theresa Caputo To Undergo Massive Shakeup

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Fans are desperate for Theresa Caputo to undergo a massive shakeup. Though she is iconic and her show, Raising Spirits on Lifetime is a great success, one thing has irked fans. So, what is bothering them and what would they like to be changed? Keep reading for all of the details.

Fans Desperate For Theresa Caputo To Undergo Massive Shakeup

Theresa Caputo has been a successful medium, sharing her gift for years on television. She started as the Long Island Medium and fans gravitated toward her. Then, she came back in new form with Raising Spirits on Lifetime. She is now divorced and a grandmother so things look slightly different but her gift is still intact. Aside from her iconic accent and long nails, fans of Theresa’s also recognize her immediately by her big, bold, blonde teased-out hair. She may be in a new phase of her life but her hair is still the same, the ends are just longer.

Theresa Caputo - YouTube, Lifetime
Theresa Caputo-YouTube

As much as this has been Theresa’s look for many years since she burst onto the scene, it appears that it is time for her to let it go. According to The Sun, a recent clip from Raising Spirits was shared on Instagram. She still has her amazing gift but that was not the focal point for followers. It was a rather emotional clip about a woman who had lost her sister but was also pregnant.


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Despite the heartbreak around the story, followers headed to the comments section. They felt that it was time for Theresa Caputo to shake things up and change her look. It was not just one person commenting, either but rather several who offered their thoughts:

  • Girl that hair went out in Happy Days. Tone it down Jesus
  • That hair is massive!!! You should change it up I’d love to see new looks
  • This episode had me in all the feels…until I paid attention and saw your hair
  • Her hair looks great at the end

So, it seems that fans are ready for a new style on Theresa.

Will She Change?

Of course, fans came to Theresa Caputo’s defense over her hair, which was really kind of them:

  • Let people be who they want to be.
  • Stfu…. Who the he** do you think you are??

At this point, love it or hate it, Theresa likely won’t change her look because it has become a staple of who she is and part of her identity. Plus, if she is happy with how she looks, that is all that matters.

What do you think of Theresa’s hair and is it time she changes it up? Or, should she keep it just the way that it is? Let us know in the comments and watch Raising Spirits Thursdays on Lifetime.

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  1. I can’t even look at her, much less watch her show, because of that ridiculous hair. She loses viewers because of it.

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