Theresa Caputo’s Shocking Net Worth In 2024

Theresa Caputo Pokes Michelina Rose? [TLC | YouTube]

Theresa Caputo appeared in Long Island Medium on TLC for eight years and authored books, so her 2024 net worth seems a bit shocking. Her new Lifetime show, Raising Spirits premiered in January, and fans get to see the self-proclaimed medium on her own TV show for the first time in four years.

Theresa Caputo Was Accused Of Being A Fake

Many people accused the medium of being fake. While Long Island Medium was still on TLC, nearly every preview on social media found critics who disbelieved her. TLC canned the show after her last season at the end of 2019, but she returned with a special in 2021. That was too much for critics who accused her of disrespecting the dead from the Twin Towers 9/11 tragedy.

Theresa Caputo In Long Island medium - TLC
Theresa Caputo In Long Island Medium – TLC

Theresa Caputo produced a number of books over the years, and they seem to do reasonably well. She went on tour and presumably, while she was off camera, she still consulted with those who required her services. So, she probably didn’t nearly starve and join her invisible companions. This week, her net worth is being discussed. And, it seems a bit low.

Long Island Medium – TLC Alum’s Net Worth 2024?

Distractify cited Celebrity Net Worth as stating that Theresa is worth $2 million. However, the outlet did some sums, and it seems to lean towards her being undervalued. After all, she earned a good income during Long Island Medium which aired for 14 seasons, with a total of 175 episodes.

Theresa Caputo - Raising Spirits - Lifetime YouTube
Theresa Caputo – Raising Spirits – Lifetime YouTube

Skepticism about the net worth of Theresa Caputo as she starts Raising Spirits on Lifetime seems reasonable.  How did they arrive at that conclusion? Here are some points that they raised:

Nicki Swift reported that Theresa made $25,000 per episode of Long Island Medium. Given that there are 175 episodes of Long Island Medium, that means that she would have made more than $4,000,000 during her tenure on the show.

Other shows that the Raising Spirits star went on include “The Masked Singer, The Drew Barrymore ShowThe Dr. Oz Show, and more.”

They also mentioned her books, most of which are available in all formats. Plus the TLC alum probably had private consults.

Still Popular Despite Accusations Of Fakery

Probably, the former star from Long Island Medium will do well with Raising Spirits on Lifetime. Certainly, she still retains 1,7 Million followers on Instagram, and her live tours in 2023 seemed to be very popular.

What are your thoughts? Are you shocked that Theresa Caputo supposedly has a net worth of $2 Million? It sounds like a lot, but possibly the former TLC star has been undervalued. After all, she earned a lot on Long Island Medium, and with her books. Let us know in the comments below, and come back here for all your Raising Spirits news.

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