‘Long Island Medium: In Memory Of 9/11’ Called ‘Insensitive’ By TLC Fans

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Long Island Medium star Theresa Caputo is making her big comeback to TLC. But instead of her usual series, it will be a two-hour special set to air before September 11. It’s been 20 years since the 9/11 attacks that hit the World Trade Center. So, Theresa wanted to know something special for the people who lost loved ones on that day.

She wanted to help give them some sort of peace. As fans know, Theresa is a medium, which is someone who can connect human beings with the deceased. However, the new special has already received its share of backlash on social media. TLC has already started promoting it a month ago, and promos for the show aired on Sunday night.

What to know about Long Island Medium: In Memory of 9/11

The new special is called Long Island Medium: In Memory of 9/11. Theresa Caputo’s mission is to connect the victims who died that day with their loved ones. She wants to bring some sort of closure the best way that she knows how. The promo for the two-hour special shows her talking to some of the people who lost partners, friends, and family members on 9/11.

The special will premiere on Thursday, September 9 at 10 p.m. ET on both TLC and Discovery+. It will feature many guests, including a New York City fire captain’s sister who lost another brother to an illness caused by the 9/11 attacks. The show will also have the daughters of the woman who was killed inside the Pentagon building, as well as the “Dust Lady” Marcy Borders, whose chilling photo was widely circulated after the planes struck the World Trade Center towers.


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TLC first released a 3-minute trailer back in August. It shows many of the guests crying as Theresa makes a connection with them. On Sunday, September 5, TLC took to its official Instagram account to promote the special. They wrote in the caption: “Theresa Caputo brings healing messages to loved ones who experienced loss on 9/11 in a new special.” Fans took to the post to call the show “insensitive.” Many of them shared their dismay.

Theresa Caputo shamed for 9/11 anniversary special

Some feel that it’s a desperate attempt for Theresa to cash in on a national tragedy. TLC fans placed the blame on both the Long Island Medium star and the cable network. “This is just wrong,” one fan wrote, to which another added, “It’s not healing, she preys on those who are hurting for monetary purposes.”

One fan called the special “sick” while another said that the families should seek “peace” by avoiding the television personality at all costs. However, there were some fans who are supportive of the show. One wrote that they’re “glad” that Theresa gets to bring them some source of comfort. A second user called her a “real psychic” who is “helping them with answers.” Most of these people are just looking for some closure. Hopefully, they will get it when they speak with her.

What are your thoughts on the special? Do you agree that it’s insensitive? Do you enjoy Theresa Caputo? Sound off below in the comments.

Long Island Medium: In Memory of 9/11 premieres on Thursday, September 9 at 10 p.m. ET on TLC.

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  1. Well. I saw a preview. It was grotesque and I was disgusted. I was repulsed by her acting the part of an empathetic, sincere psychic for people that were desperate for closure. I’m open to all possibilities the paranormal realm presents, but Theresa Caputo has always come across as a narcissistic, tacky hoax. It could be the nails.

  2. I viewed the last hour of the program. Felt is was done respectfully & was tastefully related. The people I saw were all thankful for her assistance in communicating with their departed loved ones.

  3. Theresa Caputo offers peace and closure to families who lost loved ones and it appears to assist those with departed loved ones who are having a hard time moving on. I don’t think she was trying to capitalize on this tragedy, but offer solace in an otherwise stressful situation that made the spouses or family members dwell on the terrible way they passed. She was helpful in my opinion. She can’t help what her skills are. If you thought it wasn’t appropriate for her to offer her special gift, don’t watch it.

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