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’90 Day Fiance’ Angela Deem Goes To Great Lengths For Killer Smile

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90 Day Fiance star Angela Deem has spent quite some time working on her physical image. She has had practically everything done down to her hands. Now, on 90 Day Diaries, the hot grandma is going under once again to achieve a killer smile. Yet, what lengths will she have to go to in order to achieve this?

A Complete 90 Day Fiance Revision

When viewers first met Angela on Before the 90 Days, she was a bigger woman but that did not matter. She had met Michael Ilesanmi and they had formed an online relationship. Though he was twenty years younger than her and lived in Nigeria, there was still hope for the couple. She made a conscious effort to fly over to visit him and see if they had a real-life connection. Luckily, they did but there were some struggles such as fertility and family questioning Michael’s intentions.

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Did he just want a Green Card and was he genuine? They were extremely on and off until they ended up on 90DF and wed in Nigeria in early 2020. By the summer of that year, Angela underwent weight loss surgery and completely transformed her life. Michael was hesitant but Angela did not care. She kept on going with it, even getting work done on her hands to smooth them out. It seemed like she was on a constant mission to look like her best self, no matter what she had to do.

A Drastic New Look

In a TLC preview for 90 Day Diaries, a spinoff of 90 Day Fiance, Angela is prepping for a big moment. After perfecting so much about her body and her image, she is now getting new teeth. She is at a higher risk having been a smoker but she is not thinking about smoking at all right now. Her doctor knows it it is quite complex and could take up to six hours to get done. Though Angela’s husband, Michael has not been super supportive in the past, she did tell him this time. He was on the phone until the last minute.

90 Day Fiance/TLC
Angela in surgery

It is crucial that they completely remove the infection so they will remove 6 teeth from the top and 7 from the bottom. She has lost a lof bone so it is serious Pins will be placed for the implants to fit nicely. Halfway through surgery, she starts to tense and wake up. Angela actually begins to bite the doctor so they need to give her another shot. Will she be okay and will they be able to sedate her again before she actually wakes up?

Find out when 90 Day Diaries airs Monday on TLC.


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