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‘Gold Rush’ Fans Have A New Fan Favorite In Buzz

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Gold Rush fans have a new fan favorite on the show in Buzz Legault. While most fans are not happy with the time that Fred Lewis gets on the show, at least this one member of his crew has fans excited.

Here is what you need to know about Buzz Legault on Gold Rush.

Who is Buzz Legault on Gold Rush?

Buzz Legault is a member of Fred Lewis’s crew on Gold Rush. In the most recent episode, Buzz was working on some heavy machinery when his rock truck broke. A tooth came off and then the track came apart. Buzz was extremely impressive as he maneuvered the truck around and out of the mud and water so the crew could work on it.

Buzz on Gold Rush

It was very nice driving and Buzz proved why he is so valuable to the Lewis crew. On his Instagram page, his bio reads, “eat sleep mine gold repeat with the support of my beautiful loving lady Susi Always and forever.” It is clear that this is not just a job for Buzz but more so his life.

When describing Buzz in an interview, Fred Lewis said Buzz wasn’t one of his veterans but was still a very important part of the crew. “He’s part of the family now, one of my biggest assets. He can fix and do anything; the guy is a jack of all trades, a redneck savant! He’s one of the greatest characters in my life that I’ve ever met and a great person. So, he earned his spot here, that’s for sure.”

Gold Rush fans love Buzz Legault

After Buzz Legault made his big impression on Gold Rush in this last episode, fans on Reddit couldn’t get enough of him. The OP of a thread entitled “Buzz is awesome” wrote: “Buzz is a good gold miner, and he is fun to watch. That wash plant of his is awesome too.”

Buzz relaxing on Gold Rush

While he works for Fred Lewis, the commenters all think that he is the only person on that crew that makes them worth watching. “Should be call led Buzz’s Crew not Lewis Crew,” one person wrote. Another added he is a “one-man show” who just needs “a couple of guys to help him.”

One Redditor mentioned that they feel that “Buzz is the only legit gold miner” on Fred’s crew. They then suggested that Gold Rush should offer Buzz his own crew and a spot on the show. However, that led one commenter to mention that Buzz said he was out of money, but his “calm demeanor” makes him a perfect person for Fred’s crew. “Buzz makes me smile as he ever so gently leads Fred to the right decisions,” they wrote.

Finally, one fan made a fun comparison to a certain Pixar character. “You might even say he’s light years ahead,” they wrote. “To infinity and beyond (gold count that is).”

What are your thoughts on Buzz on Gold Rush? Does he help make Fred Lewis’s crew worth watching? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. I do love his calm demeanor. And he is a great asset to the team.But let’s not give up on Fred. Most people would have given up half way through season two. If not the first.I love the guy’s positive,don’t give up attitude.
    There’s room for both. After all Buzz probably would not be there if it weren’t for Fred. So thank you Fred!
    You don’t get successful on your first try.

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