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‘Gold Rush’ Fans Say Show Isn’t The Same Without Fred Lewis

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The most recent episode of Gold Rush saw one of the main miners missing. On Friday night’s episode, Fred Lewis was not on the show at all. When he is on the show, he often has lots of people mocking his appearance. However, this time, fans said they missed him.

Here is a look at what fans said when Fred didn’t appear on the episode, and why they missed him.

Fans Missed Fred Lewis On This Week’s Gold Rush

Fred Lewis was not on this week’s episode of Gold Rush. Instead, Parker headed out to find a wash plant and start his new operation. The Clayton Brothers had a setback and Tony Beets had some bad luck. However, Fred was not there.

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This should have caused a lot of fans to rejoice. Some fans started a drinking game, where they took a shot anytime Fred or the announcer mentioned his military history. The fact none of his decisions work out this season, and he often makes boneheaded moves, makes some fans wonder why he is even on the show at all.

However, with him missing, fans took to Reddit to complain about his absence. One Redditor wrote that the show is monotonous without Fred. “Fred and others like him should be the show’s main focus,” the fan wrote. They also said that the Clayton Brothers “staged bits” are “hilarious.” Another fan disagreed, saying the total weight is the more interesting part.

Another fan mentioned that the show only has a few crews in each episode, so Fred is likely to be back next week. “Certainly Fred brings a lot of interest here, and Parker’s ‘another week another $milllion’ may be too boring,” they mentioned. Finally, a fan said Discovery should drop White Water and just give Fred his own hour.

Fred Lewis Previously Blasted Online Bullies

The lack of Fred Lewis should eliminate a lot of what he considers bullying from the online community. After last week’s episode, Fred took to social media to call out people who blast Gold Rush for slamming his military service time over viewers’ heads every time he shows up on the screen. While people are complaining about the unnecessary references all the time, he thinks they are “trashing” veterans.

Frew Lewis | YouTube

“I get annoyed that’s really it, but some people really take offense to it and it’s damaging,” Fred wrote. “Especially when we are trying to entertain and inspire people. I just think we can do better as people so I’m thinking about actually doing something about it.”

While Fred might have completely missed the point of people’s feedback, this week’s absence will have lowered those complaints for at least one week.

Did you miss Fred Lewis on the most recent episode of Gold Rush? Is the show better with or without him? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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