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Fred Lewis Will Quit ‘Gold Rush’ If He Doesn’t Meet His Goals

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On the most recent episode of Gold Rush, Fred Lewis said he might have to quit if he doesn’t hit his goal this season. He then faced even more problems when a key vehicle broke down and another worker ended up injured.

Here is a look at Fred’s problems on Gold Rush this week, and his dire fate.

Fred Lewis Might Have To Quit Gold Rush

Fred Lewis was talking about his crew’s small haul so far this season on Gold Rush. As he was heading out to look into what the team could do to turn things around, he made a dire comment. While walking, Fred said that if they didn’t hit the goal he set for this season, he might have to quit after the season ended. This is not the TV season – but the gold mining season. Fred said it wasn’t worth bringing everyone back out if they didn’t meet their goals.

Fred Lewis on Gold Rush - episode screencap

His team also seemed weary about their lack of success. One crew member said he was leaving his family at home to help Fred achieve his goals. He said if they didn’t get what they needed, he might not have a reason to keep coming back out for this. Fred understood, and his wife said they needed one of their plans to hit.

The problem is that haven’t hit anything big yet, and this episode saw the crew take another big hit. While Buzz was working, his excavator broke off a tooth, and then the track broke apart. He showed a lot of talent in maneuvering it out of the mess without getting stuck. However, the entire team had to stop to fix this equipment to get working again. That is when another crew member had some shrapnel shoot into his cheek.

It was an inch from taking his eye out. Fred used his experience as a military medic to get the shrapnel out and he had to take the worker to get glued up while his crew kept working on the broken equipment.

Fred Lewis Is In Last Place For The Season On Gold Rush

Every week, the Gold Rush Instagram page keeps fans updated on the totals. Tony Beets checked in at a total of 1,328.26 oz for a value of $2.35 million, which was after a huge load this week. Team Clayton is sitting a long way below him at 37.68 oz and $45,000 in total. While the Clayton Brothers have struggled to get things going, Fred Lewis has been hard at work all season.

Fred Lewis - Gold Rush - episode screencap

However, Fred has even less to show for his work than the Clayton Brothers. Fred is sitting at 18.465 oz and a total of $32,000. What is even more distressing is that Tony, the Claytons, and Fred are all a distance from the season’s true leader. Parker Schnabel has 2,928 oz for a total of $5.18 million.

Fred is struggling. Nothing he does seems to hit. This week, he said that if things don’t pick up and if he doesn’t hit his weekly average for the rest of the season, this might be the last time that anyone sees him on Gold Rush.

Would you be surprised if Fred Lewis quits Gold Rush after the season ends? Would the show miss him? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. I am ex military and I love seeing Fred and his small crew. God bless them I hope that they hit a good amount of gold and stay with gold rush.

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