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‘Gold Rush’: Fred Lewis Promises Lots Of Battles In New Season

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Gold Rush Season 13 is challenging for all the gold mining crews. However, former Green Beret Fred Lewis promises lots of battles in this new gold mining season.

What does Fred have to say about this season of “battles” and how they are dealing with them?

Fred Lewis Has Lots Of Problems In Gold Rush Season 13

Gold Rush Season 13 started with a whole host of problems that are affecting the gold miners and their ability to get to the gold. Last year, it was water license issues. What is happening this year?

Gold miner Fred Lewis recently spoke to Fox News about the problems that they have. Moreover, anyone who is currently trying to complete a building project or fill the tank can relate.

Firstly, Fred shared that “We have big supply chain issue.” This includes “everything from big parts for heavy equipment to a small valve from the hardware store.”

He revealed that “Everything is complicated.”

Furthermore, he did admit that this year was easier because the Alaskan border was open. Last year, that was shut due to the worldwide coronavirus pandemic. However, despite this improvement, “the supply chain is really messed up right now”

Secondly, the cost of fuel has skyrocketed. They are running all sorts of equipment that guzzle up fuel. That means they need to find more gold to just cover that added cost!

Fred Lewis Gold Rush-
Fred Lewis Gold Rush-

Former Member Of Parker Schnabel’s Team Has Plan

When Fred Lewis joined Parker Schnabel’s Team for Gold Rush: Parker’s Trail in Papua New Guinea, he started on a journey that changed his life.

However, the former Green Beret admits that gold mining is even tougher than his military training. Therefore, this is why his plan of success is to hire former military to be on his crew.

The reason I decided to start work with veterans in gold mining was because of the similarities of the military and a deployment for a mining season.

He continued to share the similarities between military deployment and gold mining.

Everything is outside the box, and gold mining, there’s nothing that goes traditionally straight down the line and hits target…It takes someone that can work 80, 90-plus hours a week, sustained for six months and keep the mentality to not let everything defeat you.

He believes that those who can withstand the relentless work hours for six months, without feeling defeated are the ideal people to find success in gold mining.

We can also presume that ex-military is also skilled at problem-solving and bush fixes.

Gold Rush Season 13 Is Challenging For All Crews

Gold Rush Season 13 is not going to be easy for any crew this season. Fred Lewis has one strategy, but another team is dealing with a missing crew boss! Which team will get more gold?

Moreover, is Tony Beets going to finally let his kids take over the business? Also, what is going on with Parker Schnabel’s new Alaska claim?

This Discovery show has a lot going on this year. Therefore, you don’t want to miss a second of this exciting new season.

Catch Gold Rush Season 13 on Fridays, at 8 p.m., Eastern, on Discovery. If you have the Discovery+ app, you can watch anytime you want, as episodes drop every Friday.



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