‘Gold Rush’ Fans List Complaints About Current Season

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Gold Rush fans have started complaining about the recent seasons of the hit reality TV show. There is sometimes a limit to how long a show can last before things get monotonous. This season’s Alaskan Bush People rated higher than it has in years and that was because of a change in structure with Billy Brown’s death.

While Gold Rush fans aren’t asking for a death, they want changes to make the show interesting again.

Gold Rush fans complain about recent seasons

This season of Gold Rush has seen Parker Schnabel continue to thrive. Tony Beets has kept rolling as one of the most successful miners the show has ever seen. Fred Lewis is the less experienced of the group and makes things interesting with his questionable decisions. However, none of this is enough to keep some older fans interested in the show.

Parker on Gold Rush - YouTube

A Reddit thread started with the title “I think I’m tapping out after all these years.” In the thread, the OP wrote that they used to “relish my Gold Rush couch surfing time.” They said they loved what they described as “digestible engineering and discovery.” However, they then said that is not what the show is about anymore. They wrote that the entire show feels “dry” and boring.

According to the OP, the show used to show “huge engineering issues, dredges, plant moves, people with back problems welding all night, and Parker and Tony butting heads.” They then said the last episode showed someone using a shovel and another trying to get more comfortable when sitting. They finished by saying they were “bored to death.”

This brought a lot of like-minded people to the thread.

One person agreed with them, saying the production crew must have changed and they are “just lazy.” Another person said that the entire playbook never changes. It is “start the project, run into difficulty and deadline then in last 2 minutes viola everything works out.”

One person responded that the problem this season is the lack of Rick Ness. “He was the perfect compensation for Tony and Parker, where everything runs so smoothly, without sucking too much.”

What is next for Gold Rush?

Tony Beets - Gold Rush - YouTube

With all that in mind, there are some fans who think that the slow-moving first part of the season is possibly leading to something big. On reality TV, the production team shoots everything and then pieces it together to create an interesting season. “I feel Gold Rush main show is about to turn, they flashed through a lot of stuff fast and now we are going to get to some interesting bits,” a Redditor commented.

They then mention that Parker is setting up his new deal in Alaska. They also hoped that Fred might do something other than “whine” and the Winchester boys could latch onto something interesting. Rick Ness could even return. However, they said that the show looks like it is setting up for something big to turn it around for the last stretch of episodes.

Have you been watching Gold Rush this season? Is it still the same entertaining show it always was, or has it lost something? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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