‘Gold Rush’ Fans Praise Parker Schnabel In New Episode

Parker Schnabel on Goldrush | YouTube

Gold Rush fans missed Parker Schnabel on the show last week, but he was back this week, and they were very happy. Fans online praised Parker and his appearance on this week’s show, calling it his most entertaining appearance all season.

Here is what Parker did this week on Gold Rush and why fans were happy about it.

Gold Rush fans praise Parker Schnabel this week

Last week, Parker Schnabel was not on Gold Rush. That is because there are four teams on the show this season, and the show usually just focuses on three of them at a time. This week, the Clayton Brothers were missing in action. Instead, Fred Lewis’s rock truck broke, Tony Beets faced an engineering disaster, and Parker took on a group of miners recruited from social media to tackle his first Alaskan claim.

Parker Schnabel on Goldrush | YouTube

If that last story seemed the most interesting, that is because it was. Fred had to fix equipment and patch up a worker who was injured by flying shrapnel. Tony had to deal with a mining problem. Those things happen every single week on Gold Rush. However, Parker – the most successful miner of the season so far – taking on a ragtag group of people enlisted from social media was fresh and new. That is what fans have been begging for.

“Finally some parker footage that’s entertaining. Got bored of his perfect multimillion mining, now it feels like he’s back to his roots, of greenhorns and him managing them,” one fan wrote on Reddit. This has been one complaint a lot of the season, as Parker has got his operations down to a legitimate business and usually has nothing to worry about outside of running it. This makes for boring television on a reality TV show.

However, not everyone in that discussion agreed about these new social media recruits being “greenhorns.” Instead, one commenter said they seemed pretty experienced. They pointed out that one recruit had four years of experience on a mine, and another had experience, just not on an excavator. “They are talking about them like they know nothing and have zero skills but showing them loading rock trucks for sport,” they wrote.

Was this just a short-lived change for Parker Schnabel?

Parker Schnabel on Goldrush | YouTube

However, some fans felt this was just a short-lived change for Parker Schnabel. They feel he will just move back to setting up the deals and running the operations from afar since he doesn’t need to be so hand’s on with his crew. “They should have or could have I should say, did a spin off of just Alaska. Setting up everything from scratch,” one fan complained on Reddit. “Instead we get few minutes.”

Another mentioned that they only saw a few minutes of Parker Schnabel setting up the Alaska operation, and now he will probably not be around there as much. However, these fans are also hoping for a Parker standalone episode from Alaska, or maybe a spin-off with the new Alaska operation getting set up from the ground floor.

Did you feel Parker Schnabel was more entertaining than usual in this episode? What were your favorite parts? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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