‘Gold Rush’ Fans Worry Parker Might Be Working His Way Out

Parker Schnabel on Gold Rush | episode screencap

This season of Gold Rush shows the crews are changing in interesting ways. While fans point out that Fred Lewis can’t seem to do anything right and Rick Ness is out of action, Parker Schnabel has become more successful. That has some fans worried.

Here is what fans are saying about Parker’s continued success and the dangers it presents to Gold Rush.

Is Parker too successful for Gold Rush?


This season, Gold Rush fans can’t stop talking about Fred Lewis and his struggles to get anything done at his sites. There is also the fact that Rick Ness chose not to return. Plus, the Clayton Brothers seem more intent on doing odd jobs that working their own adventures. Then, there is Parker Schnabel, who has been the most successful miner outside of Tony Beets.

Parker at a site on Gold Rush | episode screencap

His success, however, has some fans worried he might be too successful to feature on Gold Rush anymore. One fan on Reddit mentioned that Gold Rush existed to show small groups starting out and trying to find gold. While Fred is a good example of this, it was more about people like Rick Ness succeeding despite the odds stacked against him. Parker once fit that mold as well. The fan said that while Fred is an attempt to re-create Rick’s story, he is more “comic relief.”

Other fans agreed, with one responding, “Parker is on the verge of becoming a corporate mining firm that will no longer be interesting to watch in the original gold rush format.” The Redditor said that if he spends a lot of time working with equipment on Gold Rush, it is not a good use of his time. Another commented that Parker is the most successful person on the show right now. However, that makes it boring to watch him each week.

Parker working on Gold Rush | episode screencap

However, at least one Redditor felt it might be time to change the show when Parker is on TV. “Personally I love what he’s doing and would appreciate production diving deeper into the business/strategy/finance side of things,” they wrote. However, they also admitted that isn’t what Gold Rush is all about.

Will Rick be back this season on the show?

For the small crews that struggled to make it at the start, many Gold Rush fans are wondering what will happen with Rick Ness. He showed up earlier in the season when his crew went to his home. He said he was suffering from depression and had sought help. However, he wasn’t ready to come back.

In the same Gold Rush Reddit thread, someone mentioned that Rick wasn’t coming back this season to work. When he appeared on the show, it was to explain his absence. According to the Redditor, a member of the production crew frequents the Reddit pages. They said Rick doesn’t appear in any storylines for the rest of this season.

Are you enjoying this season of Gold Rush? Have you noticed differences in how the show presents the stories? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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