Did TLC Spoil ‘Sister Wives’ Tell-All Part 1 With Previews?

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TLC hyped part one of the Sister Wives tell-all so much with all of the previews. Fans were so excited about all of the revelations and bombs to be dropped. However, was it not all that it was promoted to be? Did TLC make it seem to be more than it actually was? More so, did the network give away too much too soon? Read on for more details.

Did TLC Spoil Sister Wives Tell-All Part 1 With Previews?

The previews for the tell-all showed so much. It was incredibly explosive in the sense that it confirmed that Janelle and Kody had split. That was the biggest shocker since there had been rumors but nothing had been confirmed. Kody admitted that he and Christine were divorced but he and Janelle were separated. Furthermore, Meri also shared that they had broken up, as well. There was also the idea that Kody had wanted to reconcile with Meri. However, he claims Christine was against it.

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In reality, what part one saw was Robyn talking about her relationship with Christine and what it would take for her to actually be divorced. Additionally, Kody talked about a moment that he had with Meri that was really sweet when she made him Rice Krispie Treats for each year they had been married. Allegedly, it made him think they maybe had a chance. Unfortunately, she admits she has since realized that their relationship is officially over.

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Finally, Christine explained what her relationship with Meri has been like all of this time. Yes, they had some fun but Meri had been cruel. It was known that, early in the marriage, Meri was unkind to Janelle. This was why it was a good thing that Christine came into the marriage when she did. She helped to heal them when they were in a very messy space. Yet, is this what the viewers expected?

More To Come

This trailer was either a blessing or a curse for Sister Wives fans. They got what they wanted by knowing exactly where Janelle and Kody are in their relationship. Yet, they also went into part one of the tell-all wanting to see Janelle and Kody talk about everything that went wrong and why they split. Fans wanted details and sadly, they will have to wait. Also, the fate of the show is still up in the air and what will happen to the plural family hangs in the bounds.

After seeing the preview, some fans may not feel the need to even watch the tell-all. More so, after part one, they may feel that they were cheated since it was lackluster. What were your thoughts on part one? Let us know and watch part two of Sister Wives One-On-One Sunday, January 1st on TLC.

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  1. If you weren’t convinced about narcissistic, childish Kody’s mental maturity, you must be after this latest charade comparing two of his best, most intelligent wives to dogs in this latest broadcast. What a pig he truly is. He better look in the mirror he is anything BUT God’s gift to women. What a shame these women have endured his abuse this long. what a waste. Bravo to the women who kicked him to the curb. I hope they find true happiness in their new adventures. They are wonderful mothers, hard working in their own right and won’t Kody be surprised when the funds from his three most hard working women dry up.

  2. I have watched the show since the beginning. Could never understand how women could share one man, which is why I began watching. However, I have grown to really love these women (except Robin, she cry’s way too much for me).

    I am hoping we find out what happens to the land now that Janelle and Meri are done. Will they still build a home of their own or sell and move someplace else.

    I am also hoping for a show with Christine, Janelle and Meri, their kids etc, life after plural marriage and what they do from here would be very interesting.

    Kody is a true disappointment and frankly, I am not interested in him or crying Robin anymore.

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