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Did Meri Brown Treat Janelle Poorly Before Christine Joined?

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Was Meri Brown disrespectful to Janelle prior to Christine joining the plural family? It sure seems that way, especially by the way Kody has talked about the past. There was a point when Christine was explaining how she was leaving Flagstaff for Utah. Kody noted that Christine came into the family at a time when it was very messy.

Essentially, he made it seem like she helped make everything copasetic with her calm and sweet demeanor. However, fans want to know what exactly was going on with Meri and Janelle before the third wife entered the picture. Was Meri treating Janelle poorly or did they just not mesh? Read on for more details.

Did Meri Brown Treat Janelle Poorly Before Christine Joined?

Meri married Kody in 1990 knowing that they would add wives in the near future. In 1993, Janelle married Kody after divorcing Meri’s brother, Adam. It appears that part of the reason there was tension between the two women was that Meri wasn’t used to sharing her husband. However, was there possibly more to the story? A Reddit thread was started asking about what the actual details were when it came to the Meri/Janelle struggles.

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“People on this sub always mention how Meri treated Janelle poorly before Christine came around. How do you know this and what are the details?” the thread began. Fans responded that it is discussed in the book. In fact, the bad treatment went both ways between Meri and Janelle but mostly on Meri’s behalf. Yet, it was mentioned that Kody and Janelle were supposed to get married on Meri’s birthday but were talked out of it.

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It was also noted that Kody and Meri would often take off, leaving Janelle behind and she doesn’t know how she lasted a year before Christine came along. “The two of them admit they struggle me to get along because of personality differences. They were friends prior to Janelle marrying Kody but the two ladies clashed in their communication style and ways of parenting/living,” one Redditor added. It was also pointed out that the two women had such issues that they did seek therapy together.

The Elephant In The Room

As it was also pointed out, Janelle had been married to Meri Brown’s brother and actually attended Meri and Kody’s wedding with him. Some on the thread felt that could have made Janelle coming into the family highly uncomfortable. “Janelle divorced Meri’s brother, then married her husband. I think most people would be salty about that,” one person commented. There was also the idea that Meri may have been uncomfortable seeing Kody acting affectionately with another woman just three years into their marriage.

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Fortunately, in 1994, Christine came in and saved the day. She was young and eager to please, a ray of sunshine. That helped to ease a lot of the tension between Meri and Janelle. In the end, Janelle and Meri still struggled a lot but Christine and Janelle formed a lifelong friendship that cannot be broken.

Why do you think Meri treated Janelle so poorly? Was it out of young jealousy or another reason? Let us know and watch Sister Wives Sundays on TLC.


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