Christine Brown Gets Real: Meri Is NOT A Nice Person

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Christine Brown is finally speaking her truth about Meri not being a nice person. Though the two former sister wives have had fun in the past, there have been a lot of issues. When Christine announced her home in Flagstaff had sold and she was leaving in a week, she also had something else to say. She shared that she needed space and that meant from her former sister wives, Robyn and Meri. Now, the backstory on her history with Meri makes it clear why she needed a break from her most of all.

Christine Brown Gets Real: Meri Is NOT A Nice Person

In part one of the Sister Wives tell-all, Christine explained how she had to end her friendship with Meri. Frankly, she just did not feel safe with her anymore. As she went on to explain why she shared that Meri had a tendency to make fun of her. She would do this in front of family. This was very hard for Christine and she did not appreciate it one bit.

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Though she admitted that they did try to work on their friendship while in Las Vegas, it was just too difficult. Christine claimed that she never knew which Meri she was going to get. She had a few sides to her, the nice side and the mean side so it was very hard to keep up. Finally, she saw it best to just end the relationship completely. Meri admitted that she felt betrayed when Christine left the family. She felt that she was leaving the wives, as well.

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However, this helps to better explain why Christine’s relationships with some of her sister wives had dwindled over the years. They had been seen laughing and having a good time but there was a distance that some viewers were probably still attributing to the catfishishing incident. It is very clear that was not connected to the breakdown of their friendship. Additionally, Meri has also been said to have been cruel to Janelle when she first came into the family. So this behavior is not really unfounded for her.

Envy Issues?

There was thinking that Meri was envious of Christine Brown for leaving Kody. In many ways, she might have wished she could have had the strength to leave, as well. Christine knew what she wanted and more so, what she deserved from a relationship. Therefore, she knew when it was time to call it quits. Meri confessed in the tell-all that she and Kody are now officially over but only because she saw Kody end their marriage on television. Yet, fans have long thought that the true issue between these two women was that Christine was able to do what Meri couldn’t.

Though it would be nice to think that Meri could lean on Christine if she needed single-woman advice, Christine has said that there is no hope for reconciliation. She does not see them having a friendship ever again. Do you agree that Meri was not a nice person? Is it fair for Christine to have cut her off? Let us know and watch Sister Wives One-On-One Sunday on TLC.

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