‘Sister Wives’ 3-Part Tell-All: When’s It Airing, Where To Watch?

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It is finally time for the three-part Sister Wives tell-all and there is a lot to spill. However, fans are curious as to when exactly it will air and how they can watch it. Read on for all of the details, exact air dates, and times.

Sister Wives 3-Part Tell-All: When’s It Airing, Where To Watch?

As with last season, this year will have another three-part tell-all. Or, as they call it, a one-on-one since the interviews will be done individually with host, Sukanya Krishnan. Originally, the wives and Kody were all interviewed together. Even some of the kids took part in the chats but that all changed. The tell-alls stopped for Seasons 14 and 15 only returning in 16 with a whole new format for one reason. By that time, Kody’s third wife, Christine had exited the family so now, they would all be talked to separately.

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The same will happen this time around and more bombs are going to drop. As seen in the preview, Kody is separated from his second wife, Janelle. More so, he is also separated from his first wife, Meri after over thirty years. This means that he is really only left with his fourth and only legal wife, Robyn. Everyone wants to know how this happened and what it means for the series. So, when does it air?

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The tell-all will air on these three dates: Sunday, December 18th, Sunday, January 1st, and Sunday, January 8th. It will skip Sunday, December 25th as that is Christmas Day. As for where it can be viewed, there are two options. The first is the paid streaming service, Discovery+. This will allow fans to watch it starting early in the morning on the dates listed above. Or viewers can wait until 10 p.m. EST for TLC to air the show.

Revelations To Come

It appeared that the biggest Sister Wives revelation was going to be that Janelle and Kody had separated. However, it seems that there will be much more to be discovered. Now that Meri has revealed that she and Kody are officially done, fans have a lot of questions. Yet, is Sukanya Krishnan up to the challenge of asking them? This has been a big concern for fans since the season began. They have been hopeful that the right host would get on Kody for his behavior during Season 17.

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Now, there is so much more than just how he treated his children. It’s three failed marriages and how he will continue with polygamy. Can this show survive? Furthermore, what was the final straw for Janelle? Is she going to stay separated or will she choose divorce? All of this and more will be answered once again on 12/18, 1/1, and 1/8.

Are you excited to see what is revealed on the tell-all? Let us know and don’t miss Sister Wives One-On-One Sunday on TLC and discovery+.


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  1. I believe Kody brown Ignored his other wives and children and treated them badly these past few years because once he married Robin she was the only one he wanted! That’s so obvious! Kody Brown is a narcissistic abuser! He has been abusing his wives all these years why isn’t anyone saying anything about that? Abuse such as manipulation, denying support, disputing your feelings, shutting down communication actively working to turn others against you, invalidating you, trying to come between you and your children, using the silent treatment, withholding affection, dehumanizing you, blaming you for their problems, trivializing, name calling and derogatory nicknames, Disputing your feelings and the list could go on an on with Kody Brown this is psychological abuse. I no longer want to watch Sister wives if Kody Brown and Robin are going to be in the show. I want to see Jenelle and her children, Christine and her children in the upcoming shows, that would be very interesting to see how their lives are going, but, please do not air Kody Brown and Robin because they are both sickening! Robin‘s tears are so fake. She plays the innocent victim but trust me she’s in on it. But then again, she’s living with a narcissist, so maybe she’s brainwashed. And in my opinion it’s about time Meri woke up and realized that Kody doesn’t love or want her anymore, yet the whole season she was taking the side of Kody and Robin. So I think she gets what she deserves! I don’t want to see her on the show either because of that! This was kodys plan from beginning to end the relationships with Meri and the other wives the moment he met Robin! And how ironic that Meri Who was his actual legal wife is the one that introduced him to Robin! I’m guessing Meri is now regretting ever introducing them! I really hope that the psychological abuse of the other wives and children is brought up in part 3 of the Tell all! Kody needs to be in the hot seat for his horrible treatment of his children and other wives. I sure hope somebody is brave enough to ask him about the abuse! Lastly, Please do not air Kody and Robin in the episodes next year!!! Because he does not deserve to be paid to be on a show, after we have all seen what a horrible narcissistic abuser he is. It was all about the money for him. That’s why he told Meri that he didn’t want to “put it out there that there” that their relationship was over.

  2. Kody crappy treatment to other wives and children makes me sick and Robin fake tears and trying to play like the innocent wife is sickening Those two deserves each other But Not To Be on TV show any more. Saw All I can stand of those two

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