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Kody Brown Will Marry More Wives If That’s What Robyn Wants?

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“Another one bites the dust,” is a chant Sister Wives fans are singing and Robyn Brown is officially Kody’s only wife left standing. Fans of the TLC series consider the current situation with Kody’s love life to be fairly ironic considering how hard he fought Christine not to leave him. Yet, in the same year, Janelle and Meri followed Christine right out the door. At the end of what Kody has referred to as a “civil war,” he was left with three divorces in a single year and ONE wife.

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What exactly does Kody Brown want, anyway?

Now, Sister Wives fans really aren’t sure what Kody Brown wants. Most are in agreement that Robyn Brown is his soul mate. And, he has more or less said on television he isn’t sure if polygamy is for him anymore. He has discovered that he may be able to be happy simply living with Robyn Brown as his only spouse.

The problem is Robyn Brown never signed up to be in a monogamous relationship. In fact, she told her other sister wives she could have had better than Kody if she wanted to be married to a man that was only with her. Likewise, there are rumors swirling that Robyn only left her husband David to get with Kody so her children could benefit from the financial aspect of being part of the Brown family.

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Will he get new wives for Robyn Brown?

Per The Sun, an anonymous source claims Kody Brown is always looking for new wives. And, he hopes to add them to his family tree quickly. It is no secret that Kody wanted more children. So, fans assume he may look for younger wives who are of childbearing age. Some fans are speculating Robyn has likely threatened to leave Kody too if he doesn’t find some new sister wives for her to befriend.

One pretty alarming theory is that Kody could use Aurora and Breanna by trading them to another family as promised brides in exchange for a new bride of his own.

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Fans also agree that one thing Kody wants more than anything else is to keep Robyn happy. So, if Robyn Brown wants sister wives, fans believe Kody will marry more women even if it is not what he truly wants. Sadly, fans also agree Kody bringing new wives into the picture for the wrong reasons isn’t going to be a solid foundation for a strong marriage.

Sister Wives fans admit they haven’t the faintest idea what woman in her right mind would marry Kody after watching three wives leave him in the same year.

Do you think Kody and Robyn really want to expand their family with new wives? Share your thoughts in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for more Sister Wives news.


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  1. I think Kody has a lot to learn about how to treat people before he brings in another wife. He treated the others horribly. No woman deserves that. He needs to learn humility and to love himself before he can love and honor another wife

    1. Maybe Cody is suffering from middle aged impotence. Maybe this is the crux of all his problems and frustration, but his fragile ego cant ever admit his short comings. Easier to blame his wives.

  2. I think Robyn only liked being a sister wife because she was the favorite and ended up trumping the others. It was an ego thing. I think she says she wants sister wives because she sticking to her game but she really just wanted Kody and was fine with the others because their jealousy or hurt over Kody favoring her just added the cherry on top of her princess Robyn sundae. Now, add new wives that could potentially trump her and watch her systematically destroy it all with her tears of manipulation and true self.

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