Gwendlyn Brown Cashes In On Parents’ Drama

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Sister Wives daughter Gwendlyn Brown is wasting no time cashing in on her parents’ drama. The twenty-one-year-old has taken to social media to share some news about her Instagram. Though it is nothing crazy, clearly she knows that it would not have happened without her messy family. So, what happened that has added to her success? Read on for more details.

Gwendlyn Brown Cashes In On Parents’ Drama

It has been quite the year for Gwendlyn’s parents, Kody and Christine Brown. In November 2021, prior to Season 16, they announced they had separated. However, the actual divorce occurred in early 2021. It has been officially playing out in Season 17 of Sister Wives and has not been easy to watch. Kody has become very unhinged and admittedly estranged from his children. At one point, his former second wife, Janelle suggested that he and his sons go to therapy to deal with their issues.

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Also during the season, it was revealed that Gwendlyn was bisexual. She has been openly dating women on her social media so those who follow her were already in the know. Christine opened up about the moment that she knew about her daughter’s sexuality and she seems quite comfortable with it. Recently, Gwendlyn became engaged to her girlfriend, which has been very exciting. She also launched a Patreon where she was open about her father and her family.

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Much like her older brother Paedon, she is not holding anything back. Apparently, all of her hard work, spilling the tea has paid off. Earlier, Gwendlyn took to her Instagram story to share that she had been verified by the social media platform. She captioned the post: “when your parents get divorced and you get their leftover fame. verified b*tches.” It seems that was all it took for her to get the blue check.

Taking A Hiatus

Though fans really liked hearing Gwendlyn Brown talk about her parents’ dirty laundry, she has since taken a quick break. It seems her laptop broke so she is just waiting for it to get fixed. However, some fans are questioning if her father may have gotten to her and asked her to stop spilling secrets. Gwen does not seem to be the type to be swayed by anyone or intimidated. Sister Wives viewers are intrigued by the Brown children and would like for them to be on the tell-all.

Back in the earlier days of the tell-alls, the kids were a part of the show and would be interviewed together on a couch. Now, it’s the wives who fill the host in on how the kids are doing and what the relationships are like. This Season 17 tell-all should be a lot more interesting as Kody has now lost three out of four of his wives.

What do you think of Gwendlyn using her parents’ heartache for her personal gain? Let us know and watch Sister Wives One-On-One Sunday on TLC.


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