‘Sister Wives’ Fans Beg For Children To Be Included In Tell-All

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Sister Wives fans really want the children to be included in the Season 17 tell-all. In past season tell-alls, they have spoken to the kids in groups and gotten their perspectives. However, it has been some time since that happened. Now, with there so much focus on Kody’s dysfunctional and estranged relationship with his kids, it would be the perfect time for them to join in. Here is what the fans have to say.

Sister Wives Fans Desperate For The Children To Join Tell-All

The Season 17 tell-all will have three parts so it is more than ample to have the eighteen children participate. Yet, this one, much like Season 16’s, will be one-on-one. Originally, the wives and Kody all sat together while the host asked them questions. Unfortunately, once Christine departed the family, the structure changed. Everyone is now interviewed separately but it is the kids that everyone cares about.

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In a clip from Sunday’s episode, fans were already begging to hear the children speak. “Please interview the children 🙌 they all have been so long without him they have their own feelings about everything,” one person wrote. However, someone countered that they doubt this could happen since it came out that Kody is close with one of the producers.

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Over on Twitter, viewers are also eager to have the children join the tell-all. “Sister Wives needs to do a tell all with the wives/kids together so we can get the real tea,” someone tweeted. Another added: “I get why most of the adult children don’t film for #sisterwives. I need the “kids” tell all. I wonder if they got paid for the early years or did their work pay for Robyn’s mansion?”

Could It Happen?

It is highly doubtful that there will be a Sister Wives tell-all featuring the children despite fans’ demands. Last season, the wives and Kody filled the host, Sukanya Krishnan in on the status of the relationships. However, fans want to really hear honesty. They want to know how Ysabel felt about him not being there for her surgery but officiating his friend’s wedding. Where does he stand with Gabe and can it get better? There is so much to unpack but the wives can sometimes sugarcoat their answers.

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Christine is one of the most honest ones she will definitely let everything fly. It still will not replace having the children there in person. Maybe if fans keep demanding the children, TLC will make it happen. As it was, Kody’s daughter with Christine, Gwendlyn was extremely candid on her Patreon. The same went for their son together, Paedon who has held nothing back. Hopefully, more of the Brown children will expose their father and be honest about life with him.

Would you have liked to see the kids on the tell-all? Let us know and watch part one of Sister Wives One-On-One next Sunday on TLC.

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  1. Yes, I would like to see the older children on the tell-all. However, not the younger ones. It could possibly hurt them too much.

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