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Kody Brown’s Kid Is Over Him & Robyn, Gwendlyn Speaks Out

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As of late 2022, most of Kody Brown’s children are adults. Now that the kids are older, many are choosing to speak out about their father and his bad behavior. And it appears that the drama isn’t all just for television.

Christine’s son Paedon has always been outspoken about the dysfunctional family dynamics since he parted ways with the show. But now, it seems like his sister Gwendlyn is starting to speak up too.

Gwendlyn just turned 21 years old, so she’s still navigating adulthood and finding her own voice. Her recent revelations could be just the tip of the iceberg. Keep reading to see what she said.

Kody Brown’s daughter Gwen gives brutally honest responses about Robyn

As of late 2022, Gwendlyn Brown seems to be living her best life. She recently moved in with her girlfriend and is exploring adulthood. The TLC personality also maintains a pretty active social media presence and enjoys engaging with fans here and there. That’s precisely why fans noticed that Gwen doesn’t seem to have a favorable opinion of Robyn.

Gwendlyn Brown from Instagram
Gwendlyn Brown/Instagram

Based on Season 17 episodes, it seems like Gwen has really soured on Kody. But many didn’t realize she had a bad relationship with Robyn too.

“Per Gwen, Robyn is WORSE in person. We got a glimpse of the real Robyn last night,” a Redditor wrote on the platform. They uploaded a screenshot of Gwendlyn interacting with a fan and revealing her true feelings about Robyn Brown.

“Hi! You mentioned in one of the replies you don’t like Robyn. Curious to know why?” one fan asked Gwen.

“is there an all of the above option?” the 21-year-old replied. “lol I don’t like to trash talk people but she’s worse in person”

The fan wrote back that she thought Gwendlyn’s answer was perfect and thanked her for her time.

sunnybcg from Reddit

“Wow! Looks like Gwen is over Kodys sh*t too!” one Redditor replied to the screenshot.

“Gwen is over everyone’s sh*t and she’s not mincing words on Robyn,” the OP replied.

Are you surprised to see that Gwendlyn Brown is speaking so honestly about Robyn? Be sure to leave your thoughts in the comments below.

Gwendlyn has some fun at her father’s expense

Most fans that follow Gwendlyn Brown online know that she has a bad relationship with her father Kody and brother Paedon. But in September, she took things up a notch. She asked fans to help her come up with a name for her skeleton for her biology class. Apparently, several fans DMed Gwen and asked her to name it after Paedon or Kody. She publically posted a response of her laughing at the suggestions.

Fans hope that she will continue to share more about her family as time goes on.

Tune into TLC at 10 PM eastern time this Sunday night and see what happens next on Sister Wives.

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