Kody Brown’s Daughter Gwendlyn Makes BANK Spilling Family Tea

Kody Brown - Gwen - YouTube

Kody Brown’s daughter Gwendlyn, who he shares with Christine, has realized she has an opportunity to make a serious amount of cash thanks to her family’s drama. Among Kody Brown’s adult children now, Gwendlyn went live on social media with a friend recently and spilled some serious tea. Turns out, Gwen’s girlfriend pointed out that she could be monetizing the inside information she has on her family. So, Gwendlyn created a Patreon account where she promised to give fans “the truth” from her point-of-view.

Presently, Kody and Christine’s daughter plans to watch episodes of Sister Wives and share her reactions to the episodes. She plans to include inside information and break down what is and is not true. Gwen has also offered those who subscribe to her Patreon account an opportunity to ask her questions about each episode of the show.

For a price, she even has an option for fans who would like to have a one-on-one conversation with her. It was at the beginning of the week that Gwendlyn bit the bullet and set up her Patreon account. As of this moment, she has just over 3,000 subscribers.

Gwendlyn Brown - Kody Brown Youtube
Gwendlyn Brown – Kody Brown Youtube

Gwendlyn Brown makes bank promising to spill family tea

While viewing her account doesn’t reveal who signed up for which tier, the pricing options can give fans an idea of how much money Kody Brown’s daughter stands to make each month. With just over 3,000 subscribers, Gwen stands to bank between $15,000 and $30,000 a month depending on which tier everyone signed up for. Doing a bit of digging into the site, Patreon is extremely popular among creators because of how small of a fee the site takes. Presently, the site takes approximately a fee of 2.5 percent.

Considering how much money Gwendlyn is standing to make per month at her current number of subscribers, she’ll hardly notice the small fee the site takes from her overall earnings.

Fans are here for Kody Brown’s daughter monetizing this

Sister Wives fans admit they’ve been waiting for the day that one of Kody Brown’s adult children decides to monetize the family drama and secrets. Fans are willing and ready to support Gwen by subscribing to her Patreon so she can make some money for herself while spilling the family tea. Sadly, fans assume that the children didn’t actually profit that much from being on the show as Kody and his wives likely kept the TLC paychecks for themselves.

Gwendlyn Brown - Instagram
Gwendlyn Brown – Instagram

Are you looking forward to seeing what Gwendlyn Brown has to say about her father Kody? Let us know if you’ve subscribed to her Patreon just yet and keep coming back for more Sister Wives. 

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