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‘Alaskan Bush People’ Raiven Brown Makes Big Announcement

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Alaskan Bush People star Raiven Brown made a big announcement in the late stages of her pregnancy. In a repeat of a move from a month ago, Raiven is stepping away from social media. This time, she won’t likely be back until she has her next baby.

Here is what Raiven had to say to her fans about this latest move.

Raiven Brown taking another social media break

Last month, Raiven Brown deleted all of Bear Brown’s pictures from her Instagram page and unfollowed him. When people noticed this, she changed direction. She put some pictures back, started following Bear again, and said there was nothing wrong. According to Raiven, she just wanted to take a social media break.

Raiven Brown - ABP - episode screencap

Raiven said that people on Instagram were too cruel, and she wanted to get away from the negativity during her recent pregnancy. She also said there was nothing wrong between her and Bear. They started posting photos together again, commented on each other’s posts, and things seemed back to normal.

However, right before the Alaskan Bush People season finale, Raiven announced she separated from Bear for her own safety. She then posted a photo of her and her son River and said that she was leaving social media for another break. “I will be taking a social media break for the most part!” she wrote. “So much to do, so little time before this January baby arrives.”

She has not been on Instagram or her preferred TikTok since making this announcement. With her pregnancy forcing her into bed rest, it is likely for the best to avoid the toxicity of social media.

Raiven left Bear Brown before Alaskan Bush People finale

Raiven didn’t wait until after the Alaskan Bush People finale to let the world know she had left Bear Brown. That made the entire finale a little awkward to watch. In that finale, the narrator talked about how important family was and said that Bear was looking to give his wife the home of her dreams. The fact she announced the separation before this aired couldn’t have made Discovery Channel happy.

Raiven Brown with River - episode screencap

The network did everything it could to paint Bear and Raiven’s relationship positively. During the filming of the season, police arrested Bear on domestic abuse allegations. This never played out on the show and it skipped that area of their lives completely. Raiven ended up pregnant after this arrest, and the show jumped to that.

Now, Raiven has left Bear and said they will co-parent. However, don’t expect to see either child in the next season of Alaskan Bush People. It will probably end up like Gabe’s kids, as their mother does not want them on the show either. The hopeful ending that the finale left fans with was all for naught.

What are your thoughts about Raiven Brown and all this controversy so late in her pregnancy? Is she better off getting away from Bear? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. Can only hope that the show ends and the memory of this freak-show family is once and for all removed from history. Gabe’s wife is embarrassed to be on the show while Gabe is transitioning to his new self.

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