‘Alaskan Bush People’ Raiven Brown Ends Instagram Break

Raiven Brown on Alaskan Bush People | episode screencap

Raiven Brown deleted almost every photo from her Instagram account last week. However, once Alaskan Bush People fans noticed and realized she wasn’t following husband Bear Brown anymore, she backtracked.

Raiven said she was taking a break because of the haters. She also re-followed Bear and added back some of their photos, including a pair from their wedding. Now, Raiven’s social media break has ended.

Raiven Brown is back on Instagram

Raiven Brown | episode screencap

Raiven Brown’s Instagram break didn’t last long. Not only did she follow Bear again, but she also changed the account name back to raiv3n_br0wn after removing her name when she went on the “break.” Now, she has removed the words “on social media break” from the description and started adding more photos back from the past a little at a time.

She is also posting again. On Sunday, she posted a photo of the tent home that she, Bear, and River were living in at the time of this season’s filming and told people to watch that night’s episode. Then, she posted a photo of herself standing with her side to the camera, showing off her baby bump.

She captioned the photo, “So blessed to still be growing this little boy. We can’t wait to meet you!” This also came after she discussed some problems she is going through with her pregnancy right now. According to Raiven, she is currently on bed rest until the baby is born, which will not be until February 3, 2022.

This is a good time for her to be careful, since she had a miscarriage in 2021. This, being her rainbow baby, will be her second son with Bear Brown. The story is also playing out on Alaskan Bush People this season.

Raiven Brown on Instagram

Bear Brown looking to build a home for Raiven on Alaskan Bush People

While the main two stories this season on Alaskan Bush People is about Noah Brown looking for a new home and Birdie Brown’s medical situation, the third biggest story is about Bear and Raiven Brown moving up the mountain to make their new home there.

It hasn’t been easy, as Bear has had to put in a lot of work. He moved them up there by pulling their trailer up the winding, narrow mountain roads, something he had no experience with. Then he had to find a better place for them to sleep until they got their home built, which involved building a floor and putting their giant tent over it. He needed Gabe’s help in doing so.

This past weekend, the two started talking about building their home. Raiven Brown wants a fairy tale house and Bear wants to make sure it is on good, solid ground, with a great view for her. Hopefully, he got the house built in time for this period of bed rest.

Are you surprised to see Raiven Brown back on Instagram so quickly? Are you enjoying her story this season on Alaskan Bush People? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. So greatful to read that the pregnancy is going well! I hope that the winter snow won’t be as harsh this year as well. I truly enjoy reading and watching the show!

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