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‘ABP’ Raiven Brown Gives Update On Tough Pregnancy

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Alaskan Bush People star Raiven Brown is pregnant with her rainbow baby. While the reality series is currently showing her and Bear Brown trying to get a cabin built in the mountains before winter hits, in the present day, Raiven isn’t able to do very much.

Raiven just checked in with fans and revealed her pregnancy is not as easy as hoped. It sounds like she is on bed rest for the next two-plus months.

Raiven Brown On Bed Rest During Pregnancy

Raiven Brown and Bear - episode screencap

Raiven Brown likes to keep fans updated on her life on social media. While she went on a social media break from Instagram, she kept posting on her TikTok account. In her most recent post, she described what sounds like a rough pregnancy.

This is Raiven’s third pregnancy. In her first, she delivered a boy, River, in 2020. She miscarried in 2021 and is now expecting her rainbow baby. The child is due on February 3, 2023. However, it sounds like she is having a hard time right now. In her TikTok video, she looked at the camera and then showed off her baby bump.

In the comments, she wrote, “So blessed to still be growing my sweet boy! Still on bed rest until he is born but we are getting closer!” It seems a little concerning that she is on bed rest until the baby is born, with almost three months still to go with the pregnancy. One also has to wonder if Bear got their house built in time for this, so he can at least stay comfortable during this time.


So blessed to still be growing my sweet boy! Still on bed rest until he is born but we are getting closer! (My wedding ring is to small atm fyi) #pregancy

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Raiven And Bear Working On A House On Alaskan Bush People

The last two weeks on Alaskan Bush People have almost exclusively dealt with Noah Brown searching for a new home, Birdie Brown trying to deal with her grief, and Rain Brown breaking down. There has been almost no time at all for Bam Brown, who is just hard at work, or updates on Bear and Raiven Brown.

That is likely because the show has decided to ignore Bear Brown’s domestic abuse arrest. It is just dealing with the beginning of Raiven’s pregnancy and Bear’s desire to build their house. This week, the two were on the show more. However, all it showed was Raiven describing her fairy tale home. Bear then went to find solid ground with a nice view to build the house.

It looked like Bear found a spot, but they were still waiting for permits to be accepted. They also needed to get the wood up and build the house before winter, and by this time, it was getting close to August. Bear was running low on time, and one hopes Raiven got what she needed before the pregnancy got too rough.

Have you been enjoying Raiven Brown’s pregnancy journey so far on Alaskan Bush People? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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