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Favorite Wife Robyn Brown Says Other Wives Threw Kody Away

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Robyn Brown claims that Kody’s other wives just threw him away. As viewers are well aware, he spent most of 2020 with Robyn due to the pandemic. Then, it spilled over to the following year as he had issues with some wives and their relationships. Now, in the upcoming tell-all, Robyn alludes to the idea that he was discarded by the women. Read on for more details.

Favorite Wife Robyn Brown Says Other Wives Threw Kody Away

Of course, the “favorite wife” idea is addressed in the tell-all by returning host Sukanya Krishnan. Kody will have to account for his favoritism but he will most likely avoid it. He will obviously point out how loyal Robyn has been to him throughout everything and leave it at that. Unless, of course, Sukanya pushes him, which is what fans are desperate for.

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Then, Robyn makes a bold statement. She claims that the wives basically handed Kody to her. Is that really true? Essentially, the family moved to Flagstaff and he was active with three out of his four wives. Meri was still in the family but there is no relationship despite her reluctance to accept that fact. They were there from 2018 to 2020 and then in March of that year, the pandemic hit. Kody had a list of pandemic protocols that everyone had to follow for him to safely travel from home to home. He never felt that Janelle, Christine, and their kids were following the rules.

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Therefore, he stopped going by for regular visits and was secluded in Robyn’s home which he did not mind as it was lavish and plush. She claimed she did not care for this as she had wanted polygamy, not monogamy. Then, Christine chose to leave in 2021 around the same time Janelle got her RV which he never wanted to be in. He claimed it was too small for him plus there were dogs all around. Was she handed Kody or did he choose to never leave?

Ready & Willing

This is not factually accurate. Meri was ready and willing to take Kody back in whenever he wanted to from Robyn Brown. However, he never wanted to be with her. This is something that he reiterated again in the latest episode. Christine would have kept trying but he withdrew intimacy and then proceeded to set up rules and regulations. She finally reached a breaking point and it was not what she wanted any longer. Finally, Janelle was willing to try but Kody wanted her to morph into Robyn and she was not about to change for anyone. It was an insult after thirty years.

This will be interesting to do a deep dive into exactly what Robyn means by the wives throwing Kody away. Do you think they really did or is this just a Robyn interpretation? Let us know and watch part one of Sister Wives One-On-One next Sunday on TLC.


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