‘Sister Wives’ Fans Bummed As Tell-All Host Returns

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Sister Wives fans are not happy with the Season 17 tell-all host. As the latest episode ended, a preview for next week appeared. It revealed that this season had finally come to an end meaning it was time for the tell-all. Rather the one-on-one, as they are billing it since Kody and the wives are no longer interviewed together. Finally, the host was shown and it was not exactly someone fans had hoped it would be. Who is it? Read on for more details.

Sister Wives Fans Bummed As Tell-All Host Returns

Viewers had hoped that Tamron Hall might come back as she was able to get Robyn and Kody good. However, Sukanya Krishan is back, once again, and not everyone is happy about this. She hosted the Season 16 tell-all where Christine revealed that she and Kody were divorced. The problem was that she allowed Kody to disrespect and talk down to her.

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A Reddit thread had been started around that time to talk about her as a tell-all host. “She is way too soft on Kody and Robyn and does not ask the necessary followups,” one person noted. Another added: “I was praying she would call Robyn out on all her “crying”. There was never a tear in sight! And most of her answers were straight-up ridiculous.”

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Finally, a Redditor had this to say: “agreed. I am actively frustrated with this whole thing. the scene where Janelle finally tells kody to “F off” and what does Sukanya say to Kody? that that scene is where she, as a viewer, “started feeling bad for KODY.” WTF??!!” However, there was one person who did like her as the host but it was limited.

Bring Back The Old Hosts

Sister Wives fans have seen a handful of hosts including Hall, SuChin Pak, and more. Yet, they want someone who will actually hold Kody and Robyn accountable for the way they have behaved. This was something that Tamron was actually really good at. Maybe too good and that is why she has not returned. A Reddit thread was started over who should be the next host and fans actually voted for themselves. They believed that they would be able to ask hard-hitting questions better than anyone else.

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However, they also knew that would probably never happen if Kody had his way. Especially now that it has been revealed that he has a very close relationship with one of the show’s producers. Looks like fans will just have to give Sukanya Krishnan one more chance as there are three parts to the one-on-one. Hopefully, she took past feedback and has internalized it.

Are you upset about this season’s tell-all host or do you not care? Let us know and watch Sister Wives Sundays on TLC.

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  1. She is a bad host that is too soft and does not ask hard questions. and does not question their answer with conviction. So many better hosts than her.

  2. Kody needs to be called out on his lies and so does Robin. Time to bring back scenes from past programs to remind them of things they said and compare to the lies they are now telling trying to make themselves look good and make Christine and Janelle look bad. Of course, if you’ve been a viewer all along you’ll recognize this for yourself.

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