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Meri Brown Hustles To Financially Support Robyn & Kody?

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Meri Brown has revealed another B&B retreat is on the way. Fans are starting to wonder if she is left financially supporting Robyn and Kody. However, the first one was excessively expensive, costing retreaters between 4 to over 6K. Unfortunately, it may not have been the success Meri had hoped for, mainly due to how pricey it was. Now, as she showed off the food options on social media, she shared something else. Another retreat is on its way in February 2023. So, is she forced to hustle for the sake of the family?

Meri Brown Hustles To Financially Support Robyn & Kody?

With Christine no longer a part of the family, the Browns are down one income. Furthermore, Kody has noted that his second wife, Janelle lives like a single woman. Therefore, Meri is left to really hustle to keep the family going. She has already boasted about helping to pay for Robyn’s lavish mansion. Now, she is putting on fancy and pricey retreats at her Utah B&B.

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This last one seemed to be somewhat of a bust for various. The prices were over 6K which fans did not want to pay so she extended the deadline. Plus, her attitude this season on Sister Wives has been less than desirable. Still, after showing off the food that she served to her retreat guests, Meri announced another one would occur in February. Immediately, fans took to her Instagram with comments.


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“Keep up the work Meri Brown. Somebody’s gotta support Robyn a.d Kody now,” one person commented. Another added: “she must have blinders on! I used to think that she was a smart lady. NOT ANY MORE!” Someone else noted: “Of course…he’s lost Christine’s income/$$$, and sounds like Janelle could be gone or out the door. We know Robyn doesn’t work & they pay for a nanny. Keep stringing Meri along for $$$!”

More Details Ahead

Meri Brown has not revealed the exact details behind her next retreat. The prices are still up in the air but one would hope they would be much more accommodating so that this one could be a true success. However, should she have to shoulder the family’s financial burden? Many have noticed that Robyn has five children living at home. Yet she had a nanny for a long time despite not working. What exactly does she contribute to the family aside from unwavering loyalty to Kody?

Do you think Meri is working this hard with her retreats for the sake of Kody and Robyn? Should they continue to live off of her or should she put her foot down? Let us know and watch Sister Wives Sundays on TLC.

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  1. Meri can’t accept that Kody no longer wants her anymore. She cannot cope without him and is hanging on to that last bit of rope and will do anything to look good in his eyes and hopes that one day they will be a couple again. She needs to take the blinkers off and does as Kody has said “Move on and find someone else” he holds the catfishing over her head and wont let it go. Christine got out, Janelle is happily doing her own thing, Robyn doesn’t care as long as she has Kody to herself, she is happy living in Roody or Kobyn land.

    1. Meri needs a psychotic therapists for sure. She continues to take Kody”s verbal and demeaning abuse. What’s it going to take to wake this woman up. She’s crazy if she thinks she keeping the family together. the other children don’t really know her in life her. Robyn that big neck eitch is using her with all those fake tears. She needs to be left alone with
      crazy Kody, and watch how fast new young wives will appear. They are all Lunatics .

      1. I agree with you. I don’t understand why she’s sticking around since Kody doesn’t want anything to do with her anymore. To me, he just kept adding and adding on more wives till he found what he wanted. JERK!

      2. They don’t have to go to far to look for the ‘new young wives’ ..they’re already there. ,,, their names are Breeanna and Aroura !

        1. BARF He is a sick enough mangy dog to go there.. If he does start touch those girls.. He should be cancelled.. the end enough of this selfish perv. Meri is an abused woman and does not even allow herself to go there. i was one long term abuse become the normal.. comfortable being uncomfortable or even in miserable agony

      3. I agree. Everyone seems to overlook that Meri was on the Internet trying to talk to another man back five or more years ago
        lWhen she gets caught she tried to act like it was everyone elses fault! So disfuntional! Why would you waste ten years waiting on someone that clearly doesn’t make you happy anymore? That easy reality show money must be really appealing to some people They all need to move on and cut their losses! There is no shame in admitting that the relationship has just worn out.

          1. Are you kidding . Then Robyn surely had a plan to eliminate each sister wife. If no one else has not put this together , then turn your tv off, you are wasting time and energy

    2. kody doesn’t give a hoot about Meri..he is looking for a new take his x wifes place ….Robin needs to go to work an put older kids out of the house.get a job

    3. Meri’s daughter has abandoned her, so all she has left is Robyn’s kids. That’s it. But I do know she had a sister who passed and her kids were being raised by their father in a polygamist family. I wonder if she could join that family and be with her sisters kids. Better than being snubbed by Kody every day

  2. they are using her. she needs to get the he….l out nor they are scum get them off TV I posted when he married her that was the end of the family Robyn is pure evil

      1. facts she is a dummy for letting him dictate what she has to do. plus ones Robyn work at all. This show is the worst reality show ever.

  3. Maybe it’s time for Robin to contribute something to the family coffers.
    Or maybe Kody needs to get rid of some of his fancy cars and toys?
    And why have a nanny around when all the kids are school age?
    There are plenty of ways for him and Robin to cut back. But they have to be willing to and I don’t think they are.

    1. Shes just a lazy leech she is the most miserable person ever her daughters should run while they can get away from the dirty old man

  4. .kody and Robyn see her as a meal ticket and she willingly goes slong with it.. she gave up her financial gain from her Vegas house so Robyn could get her house…when she needed the money for the b&b she didn’t get from the family…but she did it…herself…it’s time to walk away from this fakeness of the family ..sell coyote pass property share for acprofit…..she needs to.move on and realize her self worth.

  5. Omg I even imagine living the way she does, But think about it guy he is all she knows. And when she did try someone else she got catfish. She maybe now she feels that’s what she deserves. It’s just a thought! I feel so much empathy for her. Because she wants love and he is being an butt to her even he has did her wrong in so many ways.

  6. Kody and Robyn both have expensive shopping habits. Their mansion is full of artwork from local artist shops in flagstaff. I have seen them many times at Scottsdale fashion square mall and expensive steakhouses here in Scottsdale. They come here frequently to shop that’s what janelle meant when she said I do the bookworm for the taxes and know what’s being spent. That’s why she is resentful too

  7. Why would she help financially when Kody doesn’t even want her around. Bad enough she divorced him so he could marry Robyn and he treats her like crap. She needs a reality check for sure.

    1. i agree and remember when she asked the family for money to buy the inn and they said no. She shouldn’t be contributing from her earned money from the inn.

  8. Does anyone have an extra pair of big boy pants that Cody can wear until Meri buy’s him a new pair. what a pathetic example for his children. GROW UP

    1. AMEN! He wants to be coddled because he needs them…. yeah right. What support has Kody given any one of them beside Robyn and her brood. I cannot fathom how hecanstillpull the victim card when he has been emotionally starving this whole family to death for decades.

      1. Exactly. it’s always about him. What he not getting. how he’s not respected, even though he gives none. he can’t understand why Christine left. Are you kidding me. kody makes me want to throw up. he’s so disgusting. Who I. their right mind would want to lay next to this evil, nardaciss?

  9. answering Diane
    yep! Lody always the victim .
    I’m tired of the mess – and don’t want to hear him whine and complain any more! tell me again
    Why do they need Kody? well except Robyn.

  10. Merri is so pathetic. I did admire her for a few years but now she is graveling for any one person to love her. I think she has the i q of a 10 year old. Kody doesn’t love you…Kody doesn’t want you… get a life and move on.

  11. With all do honesty chritine did the same as meri and left also I be damned if if I would divorce him so go to another woman Meri open your eyes!

  12. Meri I have a single brother that would treat you like a queen.what the hell are you thinking Cody not ever going to be with you.he only tell you what you want to hear for your money.dont you realize if anything happens to him that greedy little ugly wife of his can take most of that from you she is legally married to him now you may be his common law wife and get some but Robin’s going to get a lot you better do something to protect you. your going to be like Janelle living in a damn trailer. take your blindfold off.

  13. She suffers oviously from Stockholm syndrome. She loves the attention she is getting from viewers and Mari thinks that if she sucks up to Robyn an Kody at least she is getting attention even if it is negative

  14. SO proud of Christine for having the courage to finally leave Kody! She had finally had enough of begging him to he a oary of ahe abs their kids lives..It is my hope that Janelle will be soon to follow.. So sorry for Meri just being used to support Robyn’s life style .I was heart broken for Ysabel when Kody did not want to be at her side for her surgery too worried HE would get covid but then having to watch him dance around at that wedding like a baboon’s ass!! I was so sad for Janelle’s son too that the only reason Kody called him on his Birthday is because he was worried about HIMSELF and the fake crying Robyn’s covid!!! I wanted to cringe when I heard Kody say that he just SOBBED because he couldn’t see Robyn’s daughter for 10 days whilst they quarantined OMG what about his other children?

  15. In my other post an add didnt let me see what I was writing ..I meant to say christine had, had enough of begging kody to be a part of she and her kids lives

  16. I can’t believe you would stick your neck out for those scammers and Losers!! I thought one time lately you had met someone else!! I am sick of watching a show with y’all are doing nothing but one whining and one putting some women down and the other working her tail off!!

  17. I’d love to know what Meri thought of the episode where Kody was having a tantrum cuz he could no longer bully Christine so he makes that comment about not caring if Meri left too cuz he doesn’t consider her a wife at all and never will.

  18. i think she could do so much better than cody shes beautiful self reliant and a good person with a verey shitty man i would leave him sooner cut my loses and run far away

  19. Kody get a life and a job! You fake all the time. You could careless about anyone except Robin. Jenelle makes the most money. He needs her more than she needs him. Remember when he’s and Christine daughter had back surgery?!?! He couldn’t go.. Then he has the nerve to go marry his friends and dance with other women. He has Gaslight all these women except Robin she plays Chess while he play’s checkers!! He thinks she is loyal I would pretend to be to if everyone support’s me. I Don’t have to work and I have a nanny. Please tell me u haven’t forgotten what he said about Christine he need some one to take care of the children. He didn’t love her she filled a need for him. Babysitter, cook, maid, and she loved him m for years. Thinking he loved her. Meri wake up he told u to leave and live at your B & B. You have put your head in the sand. U gave them money and Christine gave them money for Robins house. Wake up Women u r being Gaslight look up the meaning!!!!!!

  20. idiots they are getting paid for this trainwreck and why is meri helping them after what they did to her. Christine and Janelle are the smartest people on that show

  21. What does Kody actually do??????? They all need to drop him & not live like a dang slave & spread their legs no more.

  22. When TLC first put this reality show on I predicted that this plural marriage would soon fall apart. Cody, plural marriage doesn’t work when you have a favorite. It breeds jealousy and resentment. These three wives (except Robyn) are very smart and resourceful women who deserve to have a spouse who treats them like a queen.

    1. Kody is a big baby! He’s always going around and saying oh Poor me nobody respects me. You have to earn respect boohoo!

  23. I keep saying.. all the children 18 years old and up should get together and sue kody for child support.. we all know mothers supported the kids $$$$..
    so now the kids should go after kody for child support by court…. leave mom’s out of it … just go after kody ..

    1. Psychologically what he’s done to his own boys and how he treats women I don’t know he’s not much of a man I’ll tell you that much I see the women being successful what’s his deal all I see him doing is whining like a bitch I’m so glad one walked out Jenelle needs to and the other one that hangs around I don’t know It’s basically his way or no way and that’s not a marriage he barks your listen obey rollover yeah no

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