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Meri Brown Charges Thousands For Tin Foil & Cheap Ice Cream

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Meri Brown is being accused of charging thousands for tin foil and cheap ice cream. The Sister Wives star finally shared more photos from her November retreat at her B&B. She went on to boast about the amazing food she had ensembled for her guests. However, Meri’s followers were less than impressed with what the LuLaRoe consultant was serving up. They left a plethora of comments on her Instagram page, bashing her for what she served. Read on for more details.

Meri Brown Charges Thousands For Tin Foil & Cheap Ice Cream

In the middle of November, Meri held a retreat at her B&B in Parowan, Utah. Unfortunately, it did not go as she had planned. Meri was charging exorbitant prices for the retreat, steering fans away from the event. It started around 4K for the standard package which did not even include a room at the B&B. Prices went over 6K and many complained that it was just too pricey for what she was offering. In the end, it seemed she had to find LuLaRoe co-workers to fill the rooms.


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Now, she is showing off what she served at the retreat on her Instagram page. However, fans did not echo her excitement whatsoever for what she had for food. She showcased platters in tin trays as well as ice cream. “A expensive retreat should not be serving cheap ice cream. Everything else looks great but no no on the ice cream,” a follower commented.


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A post shared by Meri Brown (@therealmeribrown)

Another went on to bash the main course: “For thousands of dollars I’m thinking you could have afforded better than tin foil serving pans. Just sayin. 😕” That was followed by: “thank you!!! I don’t even have a casual get together with tin foil pans!! TACKY.” Finally, someone added: “For $6000 I expect a lot more than off brand ice cream and whatever the heck that thing with the flowers all over it is. 🙄”

It’s Not Over

For those who may have missed Meri’s first Real Life Retreat, never fear. According to this point, there will be another one coming in February 2023. She is telling her followers to keep their eyes peeled for the details. As for whether or not she will keep the prices more user-friendly is yet to be seen. Still, Meri is considering this a huge success and is thrilled with the results from soup to nuts despite the criticism.

What do you think of what Meri served? Could she have done better for her high-paying guests than some tacky trays and the off-putting ice cream? Do you think she will try harder next time? Let us know and watch Sister Wives Sundays on TLC.

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  1. Mary is delusional! For what she is charging and serving, she should have invested in better serving trays. For $6,000, I can go to any European country and have excellent food.

  2. lol, what makes anyone think she can put together a retreat 🤔 🤣 😅 😄 she is not all that interesting to pay to meet her. I feel sorry for her hanging on to a marriage that she is no longer wanted in. she is there for Robyn.

    1. Its all crazy!!! 1st of all who would even want to stay in the rooms at that Inn to start with,look like they havent been updated for decades.Not one food item looks appealing at all..Gross,she obviously doesnt know how to present food at all!! Yes its sad that she hangs on to a man that doesnt give a rip about her,and the rest of family dont seem to care either.Then she wants to throw a fit over Christine leaving.I think shes there to just get money from the show,if not move on and get your own life instead of hanging on to people that dont care about you.
      And definitely whats with serving the cheapest ice cream she could get her hands on.
      She should really be embarrased about everything she laid out!!!

    2. who else will support Robin and Kody??? Whose going to pay back Janelle for all she contributed
      Kody is a person to watch around the girls. I know from experience. be cautious Robin. all the mothers needs to stay alert. Girls don’t let anyone put you into a compromising position..

    3. Everytime i see her on the show i feel so bad for her just knowing that kody probably wishes that she would do exactly what Christine did .. i give Christine nothing but Respect she knows her Worth

  3. If that photo represented what was served for 4k that’s pretty sad? We served better at teacher’s grade level seminars, and we didn’t charge a thing. I’m surprised she didn’t get any flack for that as it was minimal at best. I like Meri, but if that’s what she feels is quality stuff, she should get a look at what’s served at any truly first rate event. Caviar, and not the cheap stuff but Beluga, and only the finest things.
    One time you might get away with serving substandard things and charging a high price, but people wise up pretty fast.

  4. I think it’s very interesting that everybody doesn’t seem to be so concerned with the $6,000 as they are with tin foil plates first of all for what she offered who in their right mind would even consider spending $6,000 there seems to be more money around than what I have that’s for sure and Mary needs to have her head examined because she just hangs around and waits for Cody to come back to her wake up Mary that’s never happening he’s already told you to go and find somebody else.

  5. I think she served backyard BBQ style cuisine because she didn’t get a good outpouring of response. It’s possible that she enlisted some of her Lularoe trainees to stand in as guests who she made a deal with, just to save face. It highly doubt anyone paid $6000, so her menu changed accordingly.

  6. I think she served backyard BBQ style cuisine because she didn’t get a good outpouring of response. It’s possible that she enlisted some of her Lularoe trainees to stand in as guests who she made a deal with, just to save face. I highly doubt anyone paid $6000, so her menu changed accordingly.

  7. meri should be ashamed for the food she served and presentation. But she won’t be ashamed, this is how polygamist families entertain. meri this was not potluck for your family, this was for guests that spent thousands of $$ for your event. I’m sure 90 percent of the guests were from LuLaRoe and probably paid nothing.

  8. Seriously pay 6000.00 to take advice from someone who is willing to be beaten down by a narcissistic egotistical controlling blow hard. I don’t think so. The food and on plastic party city like trays no.

    1. That’s so true Teedra, How Mary can be so close to someone that stole her husband I just don’t get it.Kody knows what he was doing when he asked Mary for a divorce.He found the person he wants and he dumped the rest of his family.What kind of man of man is this??

  9. If you paid 6000 to meet Meri. you are as hard up as she is. This lady has the personality of a snail. no matter what she served.

  10. These people need to be saved.All the women are doing is having children and really not legally married to this tell me, what does that mean for your children?

  11. Meri I wish you could move on, koby is the most selfish man in the world. He doesn’t deserve your loyalty. Love the fact that robin act like she’s cluess.

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