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Meri Brown’s B&B Retreat Fails, Who Stayed In Rooms?

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Meri Brown hosted a retreat at her B&B from November 17-20. This pricey few-day endeavor included a lot. Patrons were given food, mindfulness, firepit hangouts, goodie bags, time with Meri, and so much more. Also included was a room at Lizzie’s Heritage Inn in Parowan, Utah owned by the Sister Wives star. That is if someone purchased the VIP package which retailed for between 6K and $6400. The Standard package cost $4500 and had a room near the B&B but not actually there.

Fans were appalled with the pricey package and felt that Meri’s ego had gotten the best of her. Rooms were hard to fill at the end of the day but it appeared to be an utter success on social media. That being said, who did she get to fill the rooms? Read on for more details.

Meri Brown’s Retreat Fails Due To High-Priced Rooms?

Fans were shocked at how much it cost to stay at Meri’s B&B for the retreat. They questioned what level of celebrity she thought she was. According to The Sun, the application process was a joke and she was trying to get people to attend down to the wire. Even on November 7th, Meri was posting a last-minute request for people to submit their applications. One person said that they filled out the application and were immediately chosen for VIP. “I applied to see what the requirements were. It was the lamest application possible and she chose me for VIP. Crazy! I would really doubt anyone went that paid.”

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There was also an NDA that those who attended would have to sign and they could not ask about the show. In the end, it seemed that no one wanted to pay for what Meri was asking. Yet, she was photographed with a group of retreaters so who were these people? It seems that they were from her LuLaRoe circle despite the retreat not being affiliated with the company.


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A source alleged to The Sun that, those pictured with Meri, were fans who were filling the spots that no one would pay for. However, another source shared that these girls were from her LuLaRoe team. “She was scrambling to try and fill spots. It was all her LuLaRoe team that went. No one paid the prices she asked for.” The outlet went on to do its own investigation and learned that one of the girls was in fact part of Meri’s Utah-based group.

Too Mean To Get People?

It may not have just been the high prices that kept people away. Meri Brown has not been looked at as the nicest person on Sister Wives lately. Along with Robyn Brown, the two have been deemed “mean girls.” They were gossiping about Christine Brown’s exit from the plural family and her choice to divorce Kody Brown. As it stands, Meri does not have much of a relationship with Kody, either. Therefore, fans think that she is just jealous that Christine had the courage to get out.

Would you have paid for Meri Brown’s pricey retreat? More so, do you think it was right of her to “fake” guests? Let us know and watch Sister Wives Sundays on TLC.

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  1. I feel sorry for her. Why does she remain in a spiritual marriage with a loser, lazy man who clearly does not want her anywhere near him? Why she would even think people would pay those high prices is a mystery to me. For that kind of money I’d rather be at the Hilton.
    Meri get off your high horse, face reality…

    Congrats to Christine, so proud of you getting away from such misery. The very best to you always…
    I hope Janelle isn’t far behind you.

    1. I feel happy for her. She remains in a spiritual marriage to a man she loves. Who are we to judge him. You point one finger and 3 are pointed back at you. Meris listen to your heart. You will know to hang in or leave its your choice not everyone of a feed. Those people telling you what to do… I would love to look at their marriages and family… and judge their husbands. hmm,,, No one is perfect not event those who judge others. Especially not those who judge others…Business come and go keep on keeping on… Life is short, be happy Love who you want…as you see it. Not anyone else.

  2. I’ve always thought kody would get rid of his 3 older wives for 3 younger that can give him more kids. Watch out Robin you’re not far behind.

    1. One, Cody is not leaving them they are leaving him… As my Mom says… Money talks BSW…They are making money from hate. Selling anything they can… so two of his wives travel around the world buy million-dollar condos and Party party… go out to expensive restaurants. Make sure everyone hates him and feel sorry for them… What a scam… What a bunch of hippocrates. But keep in hating and blaming … that what they need to sale you stuff, stuff and stuff…

  3. How sad that you think you and your rooms are worth that kind of money. You should have been realistic and charged a fair price.
    Kody has said he is not interested in you so why stay?? Why waste your life waiting for Kody. He has made his choose clear and it is not you.
    Be like Christina and grab life and enjoy it. You can do so much better than a dead fish (Kody).
    Best of luck to you and may you wake up and smell the coffee.

  4. She is under contract to be on that show.
    it’s her source of income her relationship with Kody may be real or not. they may be together or not. either way, she has to stay or not get paid.

  5. It was a good try for a bundle of loot, but people won’t pay that kind of money for a B&B, especially without their significant other. Best of luck with the next try!
    I like Meri. On a personal level, she’s transparent. I would be angry and frustrated too if I was in a relationship with a man who is clearly not in a relationship with me.

  6. Well I don’t want to sound mean but come on Meri Kody is not interested move on he is a user. Robin the only one he seems to be interested in also I’ll just let others chime in please Meri.

  7. I have my own view of these women and That man called Jody. He is a Bully and a loud mouth idiot. No women in her right mind would put up with him. seeing one leave let’s me know at least one has a brain. I dislike this show but reality TV is taking over. We need to remember that All we see and read is not the real world we live in.

  8. People wonder why she stays … under her/their religion the wives must be wives or a widow to enter celestial heaven. Divorced wives cannot enter.

    1. Or she could love him…. hmm…. what a thought to love someone as flawed (human) as Cody… God knows none of you love imperfect people… Everyone you love is perfect and has no faults… What a life you must lead. As for the rest of us, who make mistakes and are imperfect and loved anyway… We are happy and also love imperfect people… try it its fun.

  9. Kody made it clear to Christine that he has no romantic feeling’s for and probably never will. I don’t blame her for leaving. Meri might need to stay on the show to get paid but Kody doesn’t love her either. And poor Jainell, Kody isn’t attracted to her either. He doesn’t even hug her or say’s I love you at least on camera. Now Robin is sitting pretty. She is the only one Kody loves and that’s obvious.

  10. Robyn is such an ugly person from the inside. and that man is disgusting. he blatantly chose Robyn and left all the others and the kids. he has lived off those women for years and treats them all like shit. Robyn your days are numbered too. if you don’t provide more brats or get younger he will drop you like a hot potato as soon as he can con some other woman into this plural life.

    1. I don’t know Robyn. I see her on tv once a week for an hour. But what’s inside anyone is just a guess. What is inside someone who judges a person they really don’t know. what inside hate. Perhaps, a person who if you don’t have sex with them and they kick you out of the bedroom and house would be considered hateful. just saying. If it was a man d to Cody what one of his wives did …women would be screaming from the rooftops… “How could he treat her that way” If a man boxed up a women’s items from their home and put it in the garage. Oh, would the internet go crazy… Oh but it a man so it ok to be treated badly … he should have just given her some. right? many women do and are doing. Thank who are supporting listen to words she says. And put a male face to the words…

  11. I think they’re both pretty pathetic. Robin is as phony as a $3 bill and Cody is a conceited pompous a blank blank. her fake tears and his holier than thou out attitude Make them the perfect pair. I have a lot of respect for Christine for having the kahunas to leave Cody and I pray to God this article about Janelle leaving is the absolute truth. Mary she’s just a pathetic soul with no self-esteem no direction and her head is bigger than her b&b. just using their “religion” and when I say that I mean Cody and Robin as their crutch is pretty pathetic also. maybe it’s time for Cody to grow up and accept some responsibility instead of always trying to put the blame on the three wives that actually supported him over the years because Robin in my eyes is just a freeloader and she freeloads on the merits of his three original wives that actually made the show and brought in the income I’m glad that two of them have the common sense to take their money and run with their kids Thank God that they may have a life without a controlling overbearing eagle Maniac and his sidekick. Good luck Janelle and Christine May all your adventures be positive ones. Mary wake up and smell the roses Robin and Cody are living off of you maybe it’s time they started living off each other instead.

  12. I still can’t understand how their living like this,since it’s against the law firstly and you can’t possibly respect yourself if you choose this type of life. There’s absolute no type of Christianity here! What kind of role models are they for their children. I’m useful only when I can produce babies!! He is really immoral and disgusting. I have no pity for any of them, only the children. Hopefully they’ll get out of this type of life as soon as they can!!!

  13. If I am paying $6400 for a darn weekend then I better get to ask questions about the show! There all grasping for money anywhere cause they know there time is about up with this show. Christine and Janelle will have there spin-off and they will do well!

  14. Robin and her whimpering are getting old and the Producers need to change coarse. Kody, obviously, has a plan. He is headed for a single marriage with Robin. He is very comfortable with it and done with the older wives. Meri, thinks she is into martyrdom; is needy; and hungry for Kody and Robin’s validation. She does not seem to acknowledge the fact that they could care less. Her AB&B fiasco was nieve and laughable. Kody simply tolerates her and would love to see her go away. Christine has bravely gotten out of the mess. It took a lot out of her but she was courageous. Jenel has always been strong, principled and professional and it is now time for her to make the break. Regardless of the diplomatic interviews she gives, she knows that her relationship with Kody is purely plutonic; she is very self-sufficient and being connected to him does nothing for her but hinder her progress. Kody and that display of outrage and anger at being victimized by Christine was a perfect example of how he plays the cameras. It is telling as to his dishonesty insincerity and manipulative games. He obviously is a phony.

  15. I used to be one of Meri’s biggest fans, but no longer. If she wants to stay in a loveless marriage, that’s her business. But the way she’s treated Christine lately is a real turn off & I’ve lost all respect for her. Very disappointing!

  16. oh yes Robin is the youngest, very pretty, but also has older children. Run Janelle, Mery. Just like Christine did. Cody is a disgusting, horny piece of dirt! Any man that needs more than one wife needs to have erectile disfunction!

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