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Meri Brown Boasts About Paying For Robyn’s Home

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Meri Brown has forged a special bond with her sister wife, Robyn. They had to come together once Christine announced she was leaving Kody and the family. Since Meri “recruited” Robyn for the family, they have a unique bond. There have been special moments between the two women, even recently. Now, Meri has made a comment about her contribution to Robyn’s home and it may not be the most unifying for the Browns. Read on for more details.

Meri Brown Boasts About Paying For Robyn’s Home

It is quite clear that Janelle and Christine have grown very close. When the wives and Kody were having a discussion, Christine revealed that she wanted space from Meri and Robyn. However, she looked at Janelle as a best friend more than a sister wife. This should be no surprise seeing that Robyn had recruited Meri to help her rebuild the family. Though Meri has absolutely no real romantic relationship with Kody, they are barely friends, she is committed to the family. She further agreed to hold on and try to bring the familial unit back to what it was.

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In the latest episode of Sister Wives, family finances were discussed. Janelle just wants to build on Coyote Pass and will do what needs to be done to ensure that happens. This means living in an RV and renting in town temporarily. She and Kody further butted heads when he suggested that they purchase Christine’s home after her initial offer fell through. It then came over to Meri. Some plural families have autonomy as in the wives live in their own spaces while the husband doles out money to them.

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The Browns chose to make big financial decisions together. Meri then shared that the profits from her home in Las Vegas went right to the purchase of Robyn’s home. She seemed proud to be able to share that tidbit as if she helped with the process. However, Janelle has previously noted that the profits from the sale of her home went to family money, as well. So, it seems everyone plays a part when need be.

What About Coyote Pass?

Meri Brown seems indifferent to moving onto the land. Robyn claims that she wants to build but she lives in this lush mansion Meri helped her purchase. Why would she want to leave? Janelle seems to be the only one who is truly invested in getting onto the land and making the effort. She has actually said they could all sell her their lots and she would live there alone. That would be a truly amazing plot twist.

Do you think it was right for Meri to bring up that her home paid for Robyn’s? Or should she continue acting like all money is family money? Let us know and watch Sister Wives Sundays on TLC.

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  1. I think this family is very messed up. Kody is not concerned about anyone but himself and I think a the wives are miserable. I would not walk away from this man I would RUN as fast as possible. Not look back and do eveything possible to protect all of his children from any influence he might try to impart. I do not trust this person. ( note did not use noun man, in my estimation he does not meet my qualifications of that title.) I feel sorry for all the children, for the wives? not so much and for Kody, absolutely not one bit sorry.

  2. I personally think that Christine, playing the martyred saint, has become nauseatingly over done! Mary & Janelle have held their own, and Robyn’s tears are over-done. As far as Kody goes, I really believe that he was deeply in love with Christine, which explains why he is so overly reactive in his anger, hurt feelings, dismay and overall reactions. People forget that when Mary and Kody discussed getting divorced so he could legally marry Robyn, both Mary and Kody found it a very difficult choice to make after 25 years of marriage. To make their divorce sound like it took place because of sustain by one or both of them just wasn’t so. The fact that both Mary and Robyn have remained friends and supports for each other is truly amazing, especially given the way Kody has treated Mary ever since. I think Mary has every right to tell people that she helped pay for Robyn AND Kody’s house. Hurray for her!!

    1. Cody was never in love with Christine. He is upset because he has lost control over her. He’s simply a narcissist. All he ever does is demand respect and withold love/affection as punishment…that is not a sign of healthy, loving relationships, or of a man worthy of any of these women.

      1. I agree, Christene was the glue of the family as in raising all the children whilst the others worked! That is hard work.She home schooled them, cooked and nurtured them. She was treated badly after the fact 😔

      2. Christine should have told them the reason she put her out of her room in the first place. He told her he did not love her and he would never have a romantic relationship with her again. This is why she decided she would not like in a loveliest relationship. I am proud of her. He only shows love for Robin and her kids anyway.

      3. I totally agree. Cody is only thinking of himself and how great he is. He demands respect but doesn’t give it back to his ‘wives’. Meri gave up her marriage so Kody could legally marry Robyn and adopt her kids. His heart is only with that family.

      4. Kody made it very clear on tv that he was not interested in having a romantic relationship with Christine, right there in their bedroom. I don’t blame her a bit for “divorcing” Kody and moving away. And I think Kody treating Meri the way he did when she was catfished. Meri gave Kody a divorce (they are the only ones married by law) so he could marry Robin and adopt her kids and he can’t forgive Meri for the mistake she made trusting someone on the internet. Kody is married to the only one he truly loves. Janelle might as well go out on her on too. In my opinion Kody is married to Meri and the other’s are just girlfriends that he has kid’s by!

        1. Kody cares more about his ugly hair than he ever cared about anyone of his “wives”, and I use that term loosely.

    2. Kody was never in love with Christine, he said it he found her grotesque and hated how she ate doretios ,he’s selfish and treated Christine bad

      1. I agree Emma. Kody can’t stand the fact he can’t control her anymore is all it is. You are right he doesn’t love Christine. And he doesn’t have a relationship with Truly either. I believe most of his children don’t like him either.

    3. I agree with you. I see people are asking for spin off with Christine’s own show. I wouldn’t watch it! or any others. Enough is enough.

    4. You forget Kody said he wanted no sexual relationship with Christine? I think you have missed a few episodes. He also said him and Mary were not even in a relationship any more and it was over and said that recently. Now Janelle seems to be next on his list of saying I am not with anymore. I think he only is with Robyn and use to like her. I was doing Covid protocols but he literally would be there for anything to do with Robin and her kids and they moved to Flagstaff by Robins sons college and family.
      He seems like a selfish winery baby. He just don’t want to have to pay for things. He all of the sudden wants Truley more than he even seen her before. He is watching his money and talking to lawyers you can tell by the way he talks. I was sort of annoyed at Mary’s Daughter because she basically disowned her mom if she left Cody who has no relationship with her. He doesn’t spend time there. So I think her daughter kind of messed with her head. She needs to move on with her life for herself as Christine did and I think Janelle will. They have so many people that would show them true affection. Jody has turned it to a selfish narcissist.

      1. totally agree!!! narcissist big time!….. I hope the kids don’t turn out like their so called father! I’m concerned that some of the kids are already a bit messed up , with 2 already coming out a gay. However in this ‘rainbow’ society we now MUST live in and accept , it’s so ‘ totally normal’!!… no it’s not!

  3. She has a right to say where her money went. if Robyn didn’t want that then she should live within her means and not mooch off of other “wives.”

  4. Robin. better get a job your going to get your wish with Kody although I believe it’s going to be short lived there isn’t much you have to offer him …
    He’s going after his second wind I don’t see you the breeze Sobin that’s one of many things that will drive him he to leave is all your dam crying He’s going to be like wtf did I ?? he sent the A team away for a broken down wife sorry but I half to say this Your not attracted these days You come with kids who haven’t been home trained Kody loves a clean house He loves a yes man in your case wo man the odds are against you all around

  5. Robin has it all, the husband, the money, the mansion, and the marriage. Poor Janelle is going get nothing in the end. Mary has already been left and Cody is going to get rid of her too you mark my words.

  6. what does robyn do 3 grown up children do they work a nanny to look after 2 younger children a husband who is here there and every where dysfunctional strange set up and then there is meri …..

  7. This families morals are up their ass. So dysfunctional. Where are these woman’s self esteem?! Right down the toilet to be married to a man who can afford or spend time with eighteen kids

  8. i think Janelle should move to Utah and hang out with Christine
    I feel sorry for Mary she hanging on even though Cody keep saying to go away her self esteem is in the toliet

  9. seems as Cody living off earnings of 3 wemen , can’t count Robyn as she just mooches off everyone and does very little. think Cody keeps Meri on a hook for money only. where would Cody and Robyn be without the other wives cash. wake up smell the roses and all leave.x

  10. If Robin didn’t have children I would swear she was a man! so manipulative! So tired of hearing her say she’s pro family 🤣😂. She ruined the family and the show! Mary is smart enough to hang around till the show is cancelled but dumb enough to pay towards Robins house? And she’s not even getting dick from Kody? Pitiful! Poor Jenelle need to hang onto the show AND all of her money! Let Robin and Kody live on love! Kody is a POS and a douchebag!

  11. I think Meri and Janelle absolute hussle to work to provide for everyone in this family and I think they should both be recognized for their commitment to making things work. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion but remember, reality TV is just a fraction of what happens in the lives of this group. If this dynamic is what works for them, more power to them. Don’t like it, don’t watch. plain and simple. Eventually, this show will run its course and won’t be aired anymore. Not a one of “us” has the right to stand in judgement of the perception that TV gives us. Just my two cents. Take it or leave it.

    1. Merit should never divorced Cody. Robin is a manipultive user. I always thought so. Why does she get the big house? Cody should pay the three other wives back for the monies they put towards Robin’s house. Take a second out on it if he has to. I would sue him for it. Michele Lee won her case against Lee Marvin years ago. just think Robin might end up in the fifth wheel on Coyote Pass.

    1. Meri is sad and pathetic. WHY would you stay with a man who told her he wants nothing to do with her. Christine is the smartest one for leaving the POS. Janelle is the next one to leave. It’s VERY clear he ONLY wants cry me a river Robyn. The only thing they’re upset about Christine is that she’s no longer their bank account.

  12. My favorite wife is Meri. She is a team player even when there isn’t a team. Kody makes me want to puke. He is the reason why plural marriages are founded upon. Meri deserves to be happy and forget about Robyn and Kody.

  13. I don’t see how any these women can love this man he is so in love with him self he Is a joke get a life women and get away from him please you have time to get a really great life and you all are smart and nice looking! May the Lord lead you not this nut of a man

  14. why is paying for Robin’s house I thought she catfished her. she set her up with her best friend and act like the friend was a guy. and Cody doesn’t see that that Robin was the bad person not married why is Mary paying for something she shouldn’t do. Mary needs to wake up and smell the roses then let them hang by thread I think that is wrong I wouldn’t even pay even though she was my friend she backs at me thoughts just saying

  15. I feel sorry for Meri because not one person sympathized she was going through a unique experience. Someone should have noticed that she was a empty nester and needed support from the family. Maybe she would have never looked to the internet for support outside the family.

  16. Kodie is a chauvinistic pig and control freak! I have no idea how he calls himself a Christian but he certainly doesn’t act like one from the way he treats his wives.

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