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Herpes: The Only Thing Robyn Brown Gave To Kody’s Wives?

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Robyn Brown is a taker in the plural family. It feels like she has not contributed much of anything to the Browns except debt and frustration. She does not work yet she has a nanny which is not how the wives operated prior to her arrival. Plus, the other three wives have brought in a steady source of income whereas Robyn let My Sisterwife’s Closet flop. Yet, there might be one thing that she gave to Kody and his wives- it is the gift that keeps on giving. Did she give his wives herpes? Read on for more details.

Herpes: The Only Thing Robyn Brown Gave To Kody’s Wives?

Janelle wants to build on Coyote Pass but they cannot afford to pay off the land. However, Robyn’s mansion was paid for when Meri sold her Vegas home. So, she has all of the security in the world despite Janelle being the workhorse for most of her marriage. She continues to bust her tail, promoting Plexus with her former sister wife, Christine. Robyn has a nanny and all of her kids are encouraged to stay at home with her and Kody. The other wives are compared to her and her unwavering loyalty. So, what exactly has she brought to the marriage?

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On an Instagram post to Robyn’s page from 2019, someone wrote this: “Anybody else notice how Robyn brought herpes into the family. She had them, then you start seeing everybody have them after that. From her smacking her tiny scabbed lips all over Kody – then him kissing the other wives.” Another person added: “yes, I noticed that right away! Cold sore queen in all her first seasons.” A Reddit thread was also started to address the whole cold sore/herpes issue.

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It alluded to the idea that Kody was the initial carrier. However, that was quickly disputed and Robyn was put into the line of fire. “They came from Robyn. It’s all I can see every time she’s on,” one Redditor noted. Someone else went on to say: “Yes definitely originated with Robyn. She had one the first time we saw her and since then the whole family has been plagued by them!”

All She’s Good For?

It seems all Robyn Brown is good for is spreading this virus and for tearing the family apart. Though Kody does not want anyone to blame her for anything that has transpired, it is clear she is a carrier. He praises her for being the most obedient and loyal, wishing his other wives could be as so. However, Janelle likes her freedom while Christine knew she could never be like his favorite wife. That is a hard pill to swallow but she is clearly beaming away from the toxic marriage. Will Janelle finally get the strength to leave next? Only time will tell.

Do you think Robyn brought herpes to the family? Let us know and watch Sister Wives Sundays on TLC.

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  1. What I do want to know is …WHO was Sobbin intimate with before she was ‘divorced ‘ from David Jessop as according to Sobbin wh was adamant that’s part of their ‘CULTures protocol for divorce??????
    She kept telling Christine she “couldn’t really be divorced from Kooky as she hadn’t been intimate with anyone ?!
    So Sobbin who was the (un)lucky sucker you were intimate with before your divorce was ‘recognised ‘?

  2. And of course he favours Sobbins daughters ( especially) …But CONGRATULATIONS Savannah on getting your licence, that’s awesome….
    And ALL of the boys are absolutely beautiful, their MOTHERS have done a great job raising them.

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